Black in BLue

September 27, 2006

This won’t just be about race and police. It will be about alot of things! I want to perhaps keep my identity hidden. And I will try and do this. What do people need to know? I am a serving police officer. My rank is irrelevant I guess. That’s all people need to know about me. There is not a day go by when I am not reminded by someone or another that I am different, but different in what way? Inside the police service difference is viewed as a threat to the current hierarchy. But why is difference deemed a threat? The hierarchy is top heavy and anyone that says that people can progress on merit is mistaken. Tokens are promoted!. There is still a face fit syndrome. If your face fits, you progress, if your face doesn’t you don’t progress. It’s as simple as that. But looking at the hierarchy, some of these fools seem to promote a like. In other words they promote someone that actually resembles themselves. Shocking but true and not nice! And so, really where are we? If the top half is a bit like their predecessors, God help us. So lets us see what we can make of this blog as we develop race and policing in this country further. Don’t get me wrong, there is some way to go, but to blame the rank and file is not the answer. On the one hand we have Black officers in power, that are happy in their cushy numbers, and are actually subservient to their Masters just as long as they are given an office and a monthly pay cheque. These Black officers are sell-outs, they have no concept or understanding, but they allow the organisation to use them. Yuk, but true. Then there are those colleagues that keep their head down and just get on with it. They acquiesce, but are unlikely to change the issue of race. Their choice I guess, but what do they do for Black people? Zilch. Then there are those that Sivanandhan would class as the “Liberators” of freedom. As for some in the NBPA? Some really do suck and do they dirty work of racist organisations! And the NBPA, is as corrupt as a White organisation allows it to be. Here’s to some good writing.


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