Nothin – Getting real with Forces and the BPA, (2005)

September 28, 2006

So get real you folks,
Start telling the truth,
Stop selling out and being so uncouth.

The Black Police Association,
I got a message for you.
u think I’m dumb,
well I ain’t no fun.

But Chair,
what is it that you are doing?

Screwing them,
Licking ass,
Looking after yourself,
is just your beginning.

And what I see ,
is White in Black,
A Coconut, that’s you,
You ain’t Black.

You sell your colour,
You sell your image,
For personal gain,
And this so called “new beginning.”

After all of this,
Just ask your self,
You think we’re free,
No, not really.

Your the slave, the real wanabe. 

What have you done for those little boys,
Stephen, Michael and Ricky.

The Force, listen up, I have a message for you.
The middle and senior managers,
your “ice” that I have bitten.

You think your cool.
But Actually you’re the “racist” fools.You use us, you lose us,
And then you abuse us,
You even play games to diffuse us.

But what have you done,
For those little boys,
Stephen, Michael and Ricky.








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