Promises promises

September 28, 2006
In the twilight years
Since 1993 you’ve given us hope,
You’ve given us promises,
You’ve given us words indicating we are free.
And on the eve of the ‘secret’
You got together again,
You met in private, uttered words,
“shh, remain quiet.”
And the next day,
All hell let loose.
You quivered briefly,
But then you thought,
” Let’s continue to play,
this hide and seek.”
Yet again you made plans.
Even after all this evidence you said,
“This cannot be real,
It’s not possible, it’s not us.”
I said, ” Look carefully,
But you will never feel,
This to us is bloody and real.
Asian people are hated.”

It affects me,
It affects my children,
and my family.
You looked on in amazement,
Your gaze said it all,
Once again I could see,
Your blindness was surreal.
Why then, I wonder,
Did you ask me my thoughts?
If after all, you rejected them,
Just as you do my cause.
Look within and you might see,
The real reason you abuse, our ethnicity,
From waiting outside your offices in silence,
To your rise,
I can see,
That your real priority, is you,
Not me.
So I say, “believe me,
Those promises you gave,
In years gone by,
those strategies, those actions,
And you yourself,
You are weak.”
Whilst Black is a colour, a feeling,
A reaction,
Black is Black,
White is White.
A year later you asked a colleague their thoughts, and with incivility you again
Rubbished my walk.
See; race equality inside the police,
Your defenition of freedom,
Is just freaked.

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