They fly up the ranks

September 28, 2006

What an interesting day I have had. Not! I saw one of the managers that froze me out of a post. I felt awful, but not scared. Why should I fear a racist and a bigot? I didn’t avoid them. But I have nothing worthwhile to say to people like that.

Interestingly this very same manager, on a recent training course about race, froze the trainer at two very critical points during a course. You see, they are so clever, they don’t need the training. What qualifications have they really got?

Oh no, but as Black officers when we say that these people are racists, we cannot be right can we? Oh no, we’ve got it totally wrong. It’s our emotions you see. We can’t provide facts. We just seem to have a chip on our shoulders and we use our hands as if we are hunting in the jungle. And we don’t speak English either, we speak Jibberish African innit. We can’t even write reports apparantly.

See, it is not only my view that this manager is a racist. One wonders what damage this person has done to race in their career if this is how badly they treat Black officers? But does this persons manager really care what two Black officers might say?

And why is it that the organisation cannot see the harm that individuals like this do? A blessing might be that the officer retires soon, but not until they have boosted their pension a little further…….. You know so that they are secure and so their family is like secure. So they can send the kids to private schools. You know what I mean, a few pennies here and there will help these racist colleagues. They might even get promoted before they retire and that would add a bonus. Great! It’s Ok, a qualification for promotion in most Forces is to be a racist and a bully. “Yep, you’ll do, we’ll promote you. Your a bit like me aren’t you?”

Or they might even be given a job in policing. They could of course civilianise their own role, eh-hum. And write the criteria for the role, have it advertised externally, eh-hum, etc. Not that those external candidates would be at a disadvantage! Oh no, not at all. They wouldn’t even know about it. Their manager might even then interview them. Of course the police service of today that has harnessed race equality and diversity would not allow these sorts of things would it? Think again. Bye……………………


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