52 deaths were race/religious related

October 18, 2006

Sir,I note your comments. I have actively campaigned against racism’s throughout my service and in my desire to assist the police service, of which I am a part, I wonder whether anyone has percieved that each of the 52 deaths of the 7th of July were race related incidents and whether they have been recorded as such. The institution is “big” but there must be personal accountability also. I am taking some accountability. For various reasons I wish that we are able to now acknowledge the difference between a racist, a racial, and a race related incident. In this way, I feel, I too, have been a victim in this respect. I remain disappointed that the offices have not seen fit to comment on the very critical first email that I sent. I will continue to support policing to the best of my ability if I am allowed..It is a fact that a Muslim man can kill another Muslim man in a racist incident. This then blows the defence of, “I’m not racist, I have Black freinds, straight out of the window for those racists that use it as a defence.”

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