Being Black in Blue

October 18, 2006
I see Bigots and Racists and Bullies and Creeps,
Of all ranks and all colours; all they think about is just “Me”,
As in “them,” is their true and complete ideology.
Some have made it through the ranks, from Sergeants and above.
They have given evidence at tribunals against anti racists, And stuff.
They still sail through as if they are so supreme,
What a fallacy, what a fascist regime?
They are Bigots believe you, believe me.
But they are totally totally free,To practice this evil, this malice, this disgust, Of Racism, of Attitude, Of Disrespect, Hatred and Grudge.
Towards innocent Black men,
That You and I truly trust.
And all this is based on colour,
Yes, all this is based on being “Black”,
on being portrayed as a “loose cannon”,
And on “their” perception of us being slack.
The thing is, They are the one’s that are freaky, Not me.
Nor are they my true friends, You see.
The Senior Managers know this is all true, But they too remain smitten,By English words of comfort.
“You fools”, you will crumble one day, I mumble.
The managers are hidden in their own glory and “self esteem”, like glue. Their passion is personal;
it’s about their career “kafumble”,
And their next post,
It’s about personal privilege, and promotion,
not “Me.”
No fairness, no freedom, no solace, no home.
This Corruption and Evil is of the highest discord,
It is Academic; its Futile, But who am I too moan.
I am Black and Proud, with Dignity,
Whilst some like me are Liars, you see.
All are superior by colour, by rank, and by birth.
And although I am educationally qualified,
To their bitter discontent, I can read,
I can speak, and most of all, whilst I write,
I remain unambiguously “Free”.
The jealousy is real, it’s against me,
and it’s against being intelligent and Black.
As for ACPO, they are futile as leaders today,
They have neither a concept nor a clue,
Of “race”, of “riots”, of “fear”, of “terrorism” of “honesty”,
Of what it is really like being Black and in Blue.
This poem is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Lawrence, Oct 2005

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