BPA Conference 2005 – the blind lead the way

October 18, 2006

Nearly 7 years on from Macpherson we arrive at this time of the year again, our conference. I understand the concept of charging candidates to attend but am curious as to what other BPA’s are doing in terms of charging for accomodation. Our BPA initially was to accomodate primary members at full cost, secondary members were to pay half accomodation costs and well, (yes half!), and who knows what the rights of tertiary members are?
Now, it would appear, after a revisit, our BPA may have seen that these priviliges/funding, etc. was not for the selected few BPA MEMBERS but for all members. When the concept of the BPA was set up we applied for funding to secure our attendance at conferences such as these with a little more liberty, freedom, and sanctity, knowing full well that we may have to sacrifice our personal freedom anyway. We applied for funding to secure our rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc. but what is the point if some cannot attend, but perhaps that is the point!
Then we did not have budgets and we paid from our own pockets. In 2005, we are said to have progressed to such a civilised status that now we have to work past the honour guard of Black people in order to challenge the ludicrous decisions of some BPA’s and the organisation that sits their smugly saying, “It’s a BPA decision!” Now, some of us have again to pay for our own freedom.
I can understand the BPA’s taking from the organisation what is righfully theirs, but what would be consequentially acceptable and respectful is if BPA’s ceased to take from those that are already disaffected amongst it’s membership. Have we forgotten our purpose? But then BPA’s are only doing what the “Master” organisation has taught them is what some may say. And so really is this civilised progress 7 years after Macpherson? Or is this yet another backlash to Macpherson? We still have some way to go……..

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