Don’t blame White senior managers alone – blame those Black colleagues that "effect" in the pocket of these people also.

October 18, 2006
Sadly even today I have seen this same “migrant versus migrant” approach inside the National and local Black Police Associations up and down the country. Some of the Black people/officers that we entrust with power simply do not have an effective understanding of race but are kept in power.
The institution can then say it has consulted with the NBPA, but this is “false” consultation. Find me one Black officer since Dr Dilzaie, that has challenged race issues vociferously, and I would suggest most just simply bury their heads in their lives in order to survive.
I have even heard a senior member say in front of the Chief Constable that they are economical with the truth because they fear losing the privileges given them. And what did the Chief Constable do with this information? Sadly nothing.
And so inside policing and in wider society we have the development of a false race relations industry and this is because those in power simply do not wish to hear the experience of Black marginalised voices and this is where we are at. Even inside policing this “migrant versus migrant” approach exists and the institution simply allows it to continue for as long as it continues the real problems of race relations remain unchallenged and the balance of power remains predominantly racist, all be it “unwittingly.”

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