It is absurd to suggest Black African Caribbean people have failed and Asians have prospered becau- if we believe in this we have failed race equality

October 18, 2006

The experience of being Black is respective to the social and political conditions and climates of one’s home. It is dependent on how one is made to feel. And some homes are better than others as our writer from America advises us. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that. It is a fact.
Am I witnessing “migrant versus migrant” here, I ask? There is a suggestion that Black African people can do better or that Asian people have thrived whereas Black African people have historically not, even in their homeland. But even in the homeland the systems perhaps are Colonial.
I come back to the experience of being Black and facing racism or corruption. It is entirely dependant on power and the social and political norms of a country at any given time. I am not so sure that Black and Asian peoples can be compared in this way. We are all different, none is better, since we may have some different values we have different life experiences. T
his does not mean one group has failed and the other prospered. But we have all and we still do continue to suffer different forms of racisms.

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