White managers say there has been progress – b——-

October 20, 2006
When Some White managers and some Black leaders in power within the police service say that progress has been made post Macpherson, one must understand that actually little progress has been made to get rid of the racist bigotry that really exists inside the police organisation.
As a serving officer who has delivered effective training in this field inside the police organisation there are three classes of people that one comes across. (1) Some people are just ignorant because of their own upbringing, and we must be able to educate and love these people. (2)
These people are the malicious and (dangerous racists, who know full well that what they are doing is wrong, but they are able to, through intelligent manoeuvre’s, get away with racist practices. Some of these practices are verbal, some attitudinal, and some relate to the manner in which they interact with minority ethnic people and staff.
To say that these peoples are just operational officers is absurd and a get out clause for senior managers; they exist everywhere, but this an arguement senior officers have used well to blame everyone but themselves. (3) The third type of person is arguably the worst form of racist. These people are academic, they know employment law well, and these people collude systematically and intentionally with those mentioned in (2) above.
Unfortunately some of these people are leaders and managers now, i.e. they have been promoted; so to say things have changed for the best is quite a ludicrous proposition by current leaders. In promoting a type, in promoting what could be deemed as “their own”, Police leaders of the past and some today are still actually creating a very dangerous environment in which racists are allowed to remain free.
Whilst these people remain free then the possibility of another Blakelock or Lawrence type murder occurring is not out of the question.
Instead of the situation getting better; it is arguably getting worse as we promote upwards, because the police service in 2005 plays total lip service to the isue of “race” and is still in some denial.

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