What planet are they on?

November 3, 2006

I was recently walking into the canteen, having started bloody early, I was hungry. And then I see a senior officer. I wanted to just avoid them. They have no concept. People must think I eat so much. He flanked me, hovered, ooo I thought. I knew it, he then asked me about the discontent within the department I worked in.

I advised him that change causes discontent, that this is something colleagues must accept, that colleagues were a little peed of with the fact that they were not being remunerated for the changes in their function, and that we needed more staff. I then sat down to eat. The senior officer sat down with his senior colleagues. I have bat ears you see.

I heard the colleague say, “I was just getting some inside information” or something similar. Yeah right………..What planet ere they on? (Number 1 engage.)

They must think we are deaf, Black and unintelligent! His team was the boy’s brigade I think, the senior think tank…..Are these people capable of being honest I wondered? Probably not.

That person just spoilt my desire for chips…..


  1. The senior officers try to avoid entering our office as we let them have both barrels when they ask questions like why is there a problem with moral!

  2. Is Pluto the furthest planet from us like? Please someone tell me it is. And if so, that’s where their from! I knew it. That’s it, their aliens. Some of our Chief Officers are aliens trying to take over. Isn’t that what DC says. Oh my God. What now?

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