Inspector Hepworth – Deal or No deal

November 16, 2006

All, I am taking guesses, I am not a gambling man really aprt from the lottery, which I don’t seem to win, but where, as in what department, not what Force, does this man work? He has criticised police blogs, I think quite unfairly.

But really do police blogs cause problems or are they the way forward? Looking at Gadget, and others, I think they are great.


  1. I spoke to my slipper about blogs the other day and he said he does not read them because they are always negative. Now my sergeant is a bloody good copper and a good bloke. Not one to pander to senior management.
    If we don’t tell the true story then how will people know. And things have got a lot worse in the last few years. Mr HEPWORTH can put a sock in it and stop trying to gag us.

  2. that’s the trouble with Slippers!! You should try your skipper instead.

  3. Anonymouse identify yourself and add some comments. I did pick the slipper up though! Thank you to all those that have helped me make
    this blog more interesting.

  4. comments about what? It was a joke? Like Inspector Hepworth and his ilk? (Not elk – ilk)

  5. I always have long and meaningful conversations with my slippers.

    Thanks for pointing out the deliberate mistake.

  6. pc south west – you put socks in your slippers?

  7. Sir’s may I respectfully ask what has slipper and socks got to do with Inspector Hepworth? Is someone trying to spread a vicious rumour that this man wears, not only slippers, but silly socks too. You know the type with the logo “Go Gadget Go” written on them.

  8. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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