A new Force!

November 27, 2006

As I was having my breakfast I thought what would a progressive Police Force look like in terms of senior people. I have gone for my taste or lack of it in music to find these leaders. For starters I would want Bob Marley to be the new Chief Constable of this Force. And this has nothing to do with cannabis; I have never tried it. Marley knows right from wrong and I love his dreadlocks. Can you imagine all the Senior team having to take on Marley’s accent innit, “One love.” Then as the DCC I would want that guy, who sang, “hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me.” Because if I did do something wrong, I would be hit and then we move on, no grudges would be held.

So I have two have to Assistant Chief Constables. Blondie, Madonna, or Lulu I am not sure has to be one, because they are young at heart. And I met LULU too, she was great! The other ACC would have to be Bruce Springsteen. He would be in charge of crime. So would the HR Director be? I am going back to the guy who sang, because now I am totally confused, “hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me.” I have never met such a group of people as some in HR!

So let me revert my decision, my new Deputy Chief Constable would be Freddie Mercury up there, because I love him, and we should be able to love our DCC’s. So folks, what initiatives do you think some of these people would bring to the table in relation to ASBO’s, fixed penalty tickets, sanctioned detection’s, Area Management meetings, etc. etc.etc.



  1. Michael Jackson should be the one to lead all.He is kind, thoughtful,and he has the ability to get on with everyone. He would cheer the most depressed person. If I had to listen to his music all day I would be in heaven.

  2. Ali G as diversity co-ordinator?

  3. Michael Jacson!!
    What about Saddam Husain or Ted Bundy.
    Jackson would be kind to all the young boys wouldn’t he?

  4. A Christmas drink would be most excellent. If you were to set up a confidential email address like most of us have we could communicate more easily. You just need to enter the address on your profile. Or email me at politicalcopper@tiscali.co.uk.

  5. anonymous:
    Please be careful what you say about Michael Jackson………I am a BIG fan and by the way he was found NOT GUILTY!!

  6. Any normal person knows that Jacko is not as innocent as you may like to think.
    Small boys sleeping in his bed is far from normal behaviour. He may well be a fine recording artist but lets face it he is about as stable as a russian nuclear submarine.

  7. Anonymous:
    How can you even liken M.J. to a russian nuclear sub? I don’t quite understand the connection I must admit. M.J. is innoncent…he was found not guilty in court…
    M.J. admitted that boys stayed with him, but that doesn’t mean he harmed them!When you are famous like him you must know that some people will say anything to try and drag you down.It’s all done for money isn’t it? They have their fifteen minutes of fame!
    I have seen M.J. live and to say he was fantastic would be an understatement!!!

  8. PC SW – are the bloggers getting together for an xmas party? Imagine that!

  9. I think, PC Blogger, it’s a great idea! We need Gadget and Copperfield and you and everyone.

  10. Would everyone have to wear face masks and put on strange voices? lol

  11. Somehow, I will still stand out! LOL.

  12. I don’t know what Michael Jackson was doing in bed with the children. I would like to think it was nothing bad. This man’s childhood was stolen. He has experienced an irregular childhood. Let us not forget that
    he was shaking during an interview, and this was sever shakes. This does not mean he is guilty.

  13. what a bunch of weirdos……….As for Jacko, he should be shot like all child molesters – break the cycle!

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