Copperfield – SKY newsflash

November 28, 2006
I can imagine it now. Sky newsflash at 9pm. The newsreader says, “PC Copperfield’s book received critical acclaim as he took on the establishment. A charity has stepped in to issue one book to each serving officer in the country below the rank of Chief Inspector. The Police Federation received this news warmly. Jan Berry commented, “Hoo-haa. Ride them cowboy!” Hmm, when I heard this, I thought what does she mean? Oh, then I though, it must have been coincidental, because the time she is alleged to have made this irregular remark was the same time we got the pay rise.
The books are out of supply and we have just heard that one Senior Officer’s were caught in the locker room at a busy police station trying to get hold of a copy of this book. As the officer was caught in someone else’s locker, he had committed, an crime of attempted theft. He was duly detained. On interview he cried, and said he had no intent to deprive, he just wanted a copy for himself. He pleaded for a PND so the story goes. Instead the officer was then issued with an admonishment from the DCC. Story has it, the DCC asked if there were any spare copies going for free. In a conversation between the two it is believed that both met later and went on to ebay where the books were going at £100 a time. Meanwhile ACPO were to hold an urgent meeting on the impact of this book. Sources nearby said, the meeting rooms were filled with grunts. An ACPO press release read. “We are currently reviewing this book.” End of newsflash.


  1. I have added this to Gadget’s blog.

    I want it all! I want it all!

    I’m the Chief and you will do as I say. I want it all!

    I want it all! He’s my DCC and he wants it too!

    I want it all. I want David Copperfield’s book!

    I want it all! And I want it now!

    (A bit of a take on Queen. I love Freddie Mercury.)

  2. I do wonder if my cheif has had a read of it

  3. Just found your blog and have added you to my sidebar.

  4. Test

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