Real incident – racial assault

November 30, 2006
It’s Guy Fawlkes night and you are working an area where there are not many minority ethnic people. There are many youths gathering down the road about 600 yards away from a lone Asian youth who is walking towards the groups.
Is your focus the groups of youths gathering further down, and what they might be doing? There is plenty of police activity where the youths are and that is where we are naturally focussed.
The Asian youth, is still about 300 yards away from you, is stopped by three White youths, one of whom tells the youth to go back to his own country. The youths stands and one of the white youths throws two punches at the Asian youth. The second makes contact. The Asian youth reacts to the racist abuse and violence and a scuffle takes place. The White youth backs off.
  1. What could have happened had the Asian youth not defended himself? You actually didn’t see any of this because you were concentrating on the groups of youths.
  2. Can we work better? Can we work smarter? Is there anything wrong in approaching youths in a minority if they are alone. Do we need to alter our focus of patrol sometimes?
  3. Do you think the Asian youth might report this incident?
  4. So are there issues in Areas where Asian youth are a minority?
  5. The youth is British born. What view might he have of the police?
    How can we change these views?
  6. What would have happened if we had just seen the Black youth hit the White youth, with one White victim and two witnesses?

In short what I am saying is, we can be more preventative, if we change our focus sometimes. Racism can exist anywhere, not just in areas where Asian people are in a minority. Views please…..Asian youth born here are now fighting back, it is our questionning skills and integrity that might save innocent victims from being criminalised.


  1. The way to avoid this kind of confrontation is to teach these white children that is unacceptable to pick on any non-white person.
    Teach them to except them, as you say, he was born in this country so that young lad is British.
    There will always ,unfortunately, be rascism. But I wonder what the parents are saying to the young white lads at home?

  2. The parents might not even know. More importantly, how many times have the perpetrator’s got away with it at school, so that their behaviour then becomes violent. Schools like to keep these things hidden, or let’s say they are good at keeping these things hidden.

  3. SO many questions. Just a shame they’re presented in such a discombobulating manner. What if the nasty whites are just a collection of low achieving morons, with low self esteem, who’ll never amount to much, and need each other to gain some feeling of worth. They’d take the mickey out of anybody who is different from them, anyone who doesn’t wear track suit bottoms, dirty classics, look like a rat, wear a baseball cap etc. Doesn’t matter if they’re black, or disabled, or ESN, or old, or wearing a suit etc. they’re just thick morons with no future, and silly self absorbed navel gazing from you won’t help.

  4. Thanks for that anonymous, but remember we choose not to hide. There is an identity I have. You do not.

    Clearly you’re not a police officer, maybe you are, who knows, but you have totally missed the point.

    No one is talking about “Nasty” Whites. If you had the courage of your convictions you might show yourself.

  5. If you could email me so I can email you back and explain how you deal with this problem.
    It has just happened to me as well.

  6. Amazing how you latch on to the racial aspect of everything – it could equally apply to a bunch of nasty young black guys doing the same to a lone white (or other) person couldn’t it? Don’t worry about identities, and what I do for a living – get some perspective. Just because you’re from a minority community doesn’t give you access to the moral high ground, nor does it, or should it, be an excuse from others from minority communities to fail to conform to established moral norms and modes of behaviour.

  7. and before you mention – that applies equally to the hordes of moronic useless white/British born wasters too.

  8. blackinblue said…
    Annette please go to my latest entry, I need your help with this person that is leaving silly entries.

    Censorship? Silly entries?

  9. I’m not sure that all this talk of racism isn’t actually becoming the problem. Obviously, with increased global interaction people of all colours and creeds are going to be living with each other more and more. Anyone who fights that is probably urinating in the wind and personally I’ve got better ways to spend my short life.
    The problem is though that you can’t bully and shivvy people into changing their views. You can drive them deeper but you probably won’t eliminate them.
    Any kind of crime is abhorrent but I’m beginning to think that by labelling certain offences as hate crimes we are simply re-inforcing the belief that people are treated differently according to their skin colour.
    Maybe a more positive approach is one of total inclusion. Crime is crime and we can deal with it firmly as per each individual case. Does it need to be dressed up any further?
    If acceptance becomes the norm then perhaps behaviours will evolve.

  10. Twinings mate, have you considered going through the logic of anon’s comments line by line and using your Police training, knowledge of diversity issues and your professional and personal experiences to construct an irrefutable empirical arguement to leave him floundering.

    ….or you could just call him a racist.

  11. “I don’t know what the facts are but somebody’s certainly going to sit down with him and find out what he knows that they may not know, and make sure he knows what they know that he may not know.”

  12. I have met the type of people that hide. No worries. Actually identity does matter. Why do people hide anonomously

  13. ha

  14. I am sorry folks but where there has been a test message on these blogs. You will see that I have got rid of some of the anonymous “idiots” who were trying to cause offence. Good luck to them. May they find some peace somewhere else. Thes rest of you please keep adding.

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