Police Vehicle RTA

December 4, 2006
It was a cold night. A double crewed vehicle parks up to reverse into the yard of a house that is being repaired. The driver, class A, does not see a scaffold pole. The scaffold pole smashes the rear windscreen and such is the reversing manoeuvre that, the pole goes through the front windscreen to. The police officer’s scratch their heads and think how they are going to explain it to the Sergeant. They drive off, stop nearby on a main road, and call up saying, “police vehicle RTA.” The Sergeant duly arrives and sees two fresh holes, about the size that an Owl could go through, one in the front windscreen, and one in the back. They’re a bit symmetrical. The police officers, in fine style, state that they were driving along when they hit an owl, and the owl went through both the front and rear windscreen.
The Sergeant responds, ” Why are there no feathers?” A creative excuse, surely there are other blinders!


  1. Twining my friend.
    I think you need to set up an email address and place it im your profile. There are some things I would email to you but do not want to make public.
    Don’t worry it’s just things I can say here for fear of being id’d.
    Click on my profile and email me if you need any help.

  2. Ha! Oops! Very clever idea though!

  3. There’s more, I was young in service and chasing a motorcycle; I lost it and decided to turn around in a garage forecourt. The garage was closed and the entrance was secured with a low level chain that went across from side to side. What happened next? ARGH!!!!

  4. Is that a joke? Im not sure about anything anymore..

  5. Blackinblue:

    Go on then, tell us please.

    What did happen next?

  6. Tejus, the first incident is real, that was the excuse given and they thought the Serge would buy it. As for me Annette. I drove into the chain link, and got it trapped on the blues. I scared the living daylights out of the owner, who woke up thinking it was a ram raid. Imagine the news, “Copper” ramraids petrol station.” I manages to get out quickly, had a quick with a colleague, let the Sergeant know. He laughed. The whole bloody shift laughed at why I thought I might catch a speeding bike. We checked the car. No damage. THEY GIGGLED for ages, BUT THEY WERE MY SHIFT AND I LOVED THEM TO PIECES.

  7. Thank god the only polac I have had was while driving the crew bus, a ford Transit drove in the back of it while we were stationary, and no serious injury.
    By the way don’t you think it’s time England played Monty and dropped Giles, after all Giles keeps dropping catches.

  8. Those owls! No doubt it swerved into the path of the car. Probably copying some kids on a mini motorcycle he’d seen do the same.

  9. Southwest, did you say Giles keeps dropping catches. Isn’t that why people kept laughing at Monty; dropping catches? I still say Monty is the best spinner I have seen for some time. He has much much more to offer yet. He will scare the Aussies merely by his celebrations. They will love him. Mahmood is another one we will see as well. At least sports brings people together. Ladies I do hope you are keeping up with us? Actually I quite fancy Monty as the next Commissioner.

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