Race relations officer called Pc ‘white pig’

December 7, 2006
“Race relations officer called Pc ‘white pig’ Nov 30 2006. In Wales A race relations officer narrowly escaped a prison term today for failing to provide a specimen for analysis and calling a police officer a “white pig”. Muzaffar Hussain Chowdhury, who works for the Bridgend Community Cohesion Group of south Wales, was instead sentenced to a 12-month community supervision order and banned from driving for five years. Chowdhury, 63, of Suffolk Place, Porthcawl, south Wales, was charged with failing to provide a specimen and a racially aggravated offence contrary to Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 following an incident outside a pub on September 1. Bridgend magistrates’ court heard that when police officers arrived at the Swan Inn, Nottage, in Porthcawl, over a dispute between Chowdhury and a father and daughter following a car prang, they were met with abusive language. PC Scott Howe of South Wales Police was told to “F*** off, you white b****** pig” by Chowdhury when he asked him to take a breathalyser test.” I found this on a search. This just supports the views about a false race relations industry that I think exists. This means that within that industry there will be good people and there will be bad people. The bad news for us as a service is how do we distinguish between the two. How the hell do people like these get in? My personal view is we need to look at who employed them. Even in CRE’s there are battles for power, and those in power and managers are hardly likely to recruit someone that will make them look incompetent. It’s the people that let these people in that are to blame. Genuine people are therefore mostly sometimes not let in because they rock the boat. This is not to say all people in the industry are bad. But the whole industry is not anti racist, is it, as this example shows us? I am saying no more. Suffice it too say I am having a bad blonde moment and a bad day! But do look around your Areas and inside and see who take up such posts in “race” and diversity. Some are genuinely good, some take the job as a “sushi” number, and some are simply allowed in because they will sing the “party” song. How these practices will prevent racial murders or even protect us in time of riots God knows, but clearly our managers know best.


  1. I personally can do without any racism, Black on White, White on Black?

    What I cannot answer is why the NBPA ha snot PUBLICLY condemned this act and the racist murder of the young White lad in Scotland?

  2. I mean has not publicly condemned. You know what I mean.

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