Take that

December 7, 2006

“All I do each night is pray.” Well their back, just like John Stevens, to tell us how it really is. And let’s face it, I think Take That do a good job. And as for John Stevens and others that actually were told when they were in the job, “You have a problem Sir,” and they had all these little troublemakers under them making noises; well actually the troublemakers were right. But these leaders didn’t have the courage as leaders to challenge their own leadership, nor the Government. This type of leadership, the type of Sir John’s, is leadership of the past.
It’s a dinosaur type leadership I am afraid. It lacks courage and “oomph.” Hmmm, and I wonder now how the bag carriers feel because actually these people who have since been promoted and are now the new elite are probably just like their, then, managers? Morale appears to be at an all time low.
Why do leaders behave like this and why is morale so low? Moving off the point, did you see those 36 year olds in Take That dancing. They moved some booty. And even more to the point when will Gadget an DC write in my blog?


  1. I am still waiting for DC and Gadget.

  2. Well, when you start to make some sense perhaps?

  3. Right, thanks for that…..

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