December 10, 2006

I wanted to negotiate some questions here and answers for those that read these blogs to give people an understanding of the NBPA:

QUESTION: How do people get into the higher offices of the NBPA?
It’s pretty simple. Firstly your Chief must agree to release you before you can stand for election and you have to be on the National Executive. To get onto the NEC, National Executive that we call it, your local executive must vote you in. Interesting concept. Who thought about this silly idea that one’s Chief has to release you before you can be elected? This is a good example of equal opportunity, not! If you are likely to rock the boat and not compromise on race issues, forget it, you are out.

(2) What type of local BPA’s are there?

Well, essentially I think there are three types.

(a) Those where the Chair goes, “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full Sir” and pander to the Chiefs in the hope that they will get some benefit in the fussier, shh promotion or something. Did I say that? These then essentially are “sell outs.”

(b) Then there are those that challenge injustices. They just want the truth, they don’t necessarily want people sacked. They favour education, but because these types of BPA’s bring bad news, they are dealt with at an arm’s distance, whilst the above type are welcomed.
(c) Then there are those that do nothing. They have no clue why they are there. They just “exists” because someone is likely to get promoted on the back of these things: you know , if they set up a BPA.

(3) What about “jollies?”
Well, I know Black officers who attend the federation Conference for a “piss up”, these are the same people that have career BPA goals, but end up on the same “piss up.” Not all BPA members are interested in “jollies.”

(3) Is there sexism in the NBPA?

Without a shadow of a doubt there is sexism. I believe male colleagues in power have made sexual advances towards other female colleagues. One could all this sexual harassment.

(4) And what about racism inside the NBPA?

I think you just need to look at the historical make up of the NBPA. In positions of power you will not find many Asian colleagues, and that is because there is this old institutionalised practice called “grooming.” One person or a group of people within a group “groom” the next leader. nd the next leader is “groomed” not on skills, abilities or qualifications. Most of the qualified people are left out as I have said, the next leader is groomed on how they compare to the person that is “grooming ” them, in terms of an understanding.

(5) And what if one wants to complain about the NBPA? Well, you can try, but if the leadership disagrees with you, they “clam” up and gang up, just like the organisation does.
This is just a brief insight. I am not saying that the NBPA is bad. What I am saying is that it could get it’s act together, but dinosaurs refuse to move on. Where have I heard that one before? Hmmm.


  1. Sounds similar to just about every other organisation within our organisation then.

  2. Twining my friend, have you activated the advertisement part of blogger?
    I always get a pain in the arse popup with some company trying to sell something when I visit your blog.

  3. PC South West – simple answer – I don’t know!

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