To migrate to India where….

December 13, 2006

have a dream, where there is peace in Kashmir, where Muslims do not kill Hindu’s and Hindu’s do not kill Muslims. And they all together, Muslims and Hindus, do not rob foreigners, (the British), for their Nike trainers, Seiko watches and sterling. In India there is no such thing as harassment or equality.


If you think you are being harassed you go to your local police station, or local policing unit. You sit in front of the Inspector and give him your statement, your notes. He, the Inspector, has a moustache and a stick and wears “Brylcream just like me and Mr Ghaffur,” but he does not smiles. No silly, not Mr Ghaffur. I don’t have a moustache by the way. The Inspector wears stars on his shoulders, I say he, because there are very few she’s. And if there were more she’s they would kick butt, I tell you. He sits behind his desk and eats “pan” and sips tea. The complainant talks. The Inspector doesn’t listen, he just says, (hanji – yes – repeatedly). As if he’s interested!


In front of him are his cells. Yes, they are HIS CELLS, not the custody officer’s. What’s a Custody Officer? You see, the Inspector is judge, jury and executioner for the time someone is in custody or eh-hum being tortured. And around the table with him are his CID . Their uniform is blue jeans, a checked shirt and a moustache of course. They are all playing cards whilst the man tries to make a complaint. There were no section 9 statements. There are not any.


After a few minutes the Inspector rips the complaint up, waves his stick and hits the complainant on the backside as he is kicked out and told never to return. If this was in 1993 in the UK then he might have put the piece of paper in his pocket, just like in the Macpherson Report. Is this a way to deal with harassment I wonder? Hmm.


Then a weary looking character walks in, he is Indian, of stocky build, has a shaved head, and he wears a”tilak”. He just sits down as if he owns the joint. And no, whilst he wears a “tilak” he is not a priest! Argh !!!! I think. This is my worst nightmare. He’s the local mafia dressed up as a priest. He pays the Inspector, they smile, and two scruffy looking detainees are released to harass others so that the bald man can continue to demand money by menaces. Who else is in the cells I wonder?


Unsurprisingly, huddled in the corner is a meek and vulnerable man, who probably is renting a home, and is as honest as the day. That is the person that was in the cells, and he will be there until he can pay the Mafiosa boss off or until his family can. That is the way it works. The poor remain poor. Whilst at home his wife and children will be worried. The “Mafia” man walks free. I know whose butt I would like to kick! And I will tell you more of what butt I have kicked when I was out there and boy was it good! I did nothing unlawful I will have you know!


  1. What is your point? I must admit to becoming very confused very early on.

  2. Do you always just negate? I see why!

  3. Do you? You haven’t a clue. What is the point of that post? Who does it refer to? Who is it aimed at? Where does Macpherson fit in?
    Get relevant!

  4. Your right, I don’t have a clue. I will therefore accept my lowly position in society and in race. Firstly, this is my blog! Understand! Secondly, there is a reference to bissie, he will know what I mean. Thirdly, the reference to Macpherson relates to when papers were given by the mother and father of Stephen to a Senior Officer, who then folded the paper and put it in his pocket. The senior officer just did not look interested, but I wasn’t there! And, as you say, or suggest, only you have a clue. I don’t! Get real or go on a diversity course or something that means something!Finally, thank you!

  5. So are you saying that what you allege now happens in India is the fault of the colonial sahib-log: the Scots.

    (It must be their fault: they ran the whole of the Empire, including the Indian bit.)

    Does that sort of thing really happen here as well, or were you hallucinating?

  6. No no, old man, I have no idea about the Scots or the Brits in India before. Why is it the Scot’s fault? I love the bagpipes, the kilt, etc. why would it be the fault of the Brits? I don’t think it’s about fault, but yes, this sort of thing happens. In India it is about Caste and power. Don’t you believe me? You don’t believe me do you………….

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