Yipee! Monty For Chief

December 14, 2006

You know, I woke up and heard the news. No, sadly, for some, I am not migrating to India yet, though I think Bizzie would like it there because there are no harassment’s to deal with! But, Monty Panesar took 5 wickets, claimed some amazing wicketting scalps, and Harmisson took 4. Freddie was right. What a formidable team. Duncan Fletcher was wrong just like some other people I know. I love Monty. Well done England! Hmmm. And this is after all the threats the abuse, the intimidating, what the Aussies would call, initiation! And yes I love his celebration’s. The precise impact of these images on community and race relations cannot be measured I think. It is simply too early. Maybe we will see less racial assaults by either party on either party, who knows? That might be the short term impact. But the more we see a smiling Monty, the more we realise that a Turban is normal now, it is not something we need to laugh at. Yet, in Scotland a few weeks ago a Sikh lad had his Turban ripped off and his hair cut. This is where I would like to see the NBPA movement, standing up and saying, what happened in Scotland was not right. I accept Ali’s case is critical, and I support him 100%, but the Human Rights of this lad are equally critical. That is where and why I say we have a not so competent NBPA.



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