I have been tagged by Annette

December 19, 2006
I was rather hoping that I could have the type of tag that asks me 10 things I would like to do, if I had the opportunity, money no cost, in my life. But, alas, in this day and age, I have been given one opportunity. But I am going to cheat aha! There are two things I would like to do. One profesionally and one personally. So here goes: (1) ProfesSSionally I want to go back in time, turn back the clock, and if I could I would wish that all those killed in this country because of the colour of their skin, were still here with us. I mean everyone, absolutely everyone. (2) Personally I would love to travel from North of India to the South, visit the Holy places in India, that is something we should do in our lives at least once. My mother and father are elderly, I wish I could take them with me. They have made me who I am. I also want to go to Moses Mountain.
Right, here come the other 8 that Annette did not ask for. I can’t help it.
(3) I am grateful that I have met good colleagues on the way. I think Copperfield is one, I haven’t met him really, but Gadget and SouthWest, and extra special and Bizzie. And you and Zebra. It would be nice to meet. Oops and Panda Tales and PC Bloggs too. (4) I want a house with some land here, where I can just chill and where there is no Joe Public anywhere in sight. (5) I would love to have properties all over the World and be able to hop on a plane and go to Egypt, The Algarve, France, Brazil, Florida, India, and Sri Lanka. In other words, if I had properties in thes countires I would just travel. (6) I wish that there was no war in Iraq and Afghanistan currently. (7) I would reduce the rank structures and get rid of those additional officer’s at certain ranks that we don’t require. I would reduce the numbers of CS’s, Supt’s and C\I’s for sure. I would enhance the role of front line operational response officer’s and beat officer’s and put more resources in these areas quickly. (8) I would get HR reviewed and get them working in line with policing. (9) I would ask Tariq Ghaffur why it has taken him so long to have spoken out honestly. (10) I would bring back Princess Diana. Don’t anyone call me a Romantic. She was wonderful. Absoutely stunning and my nephews remind me of the Two Princes, but they don’t take cannabis. My nephews don’t, I mean.


  1. Thanks for doing this.

    I love the way you are so caring for other people, and I agree with bringing back people that have been killed because of their colour.
    Martin Luther King is one of the men I would bring back.
    “I have a dream”
    He was a spectacular speaker and became to powerful. That’s why we lost him.
    I particulary like the “bring back princess Diana”
    She was to powerful as well,just like Martin Luther King, she had to go.
    I truly belive she was assasinated.
    That was no accident, under a tunnel? no witness to the “accident”!
    No way, I would definately bring them both back.

  2. I did this silly because you asked me too! At least you did not call me a romantic. That is quite good. In what I have experienced I am convinced that there are horrible impacts when one does not toe the party line. And there are impacts for one’s family too. One day I will write about these two. As for caring, look around you at some of the police officer’s mentioned in the blog. I think they care tremendously too. King was exceptional, but the so too was Gandhi. Yes, all cut short. Freddie Mercury, another exceptional individual.

  3. ydjkhYes I agree.
    You are all very caring people.
    It would be unfair of me to mention certain names.
    But pc south west is very caring and I love his sense of humour!
    “Does the presence of the full moon make your jobs a nightmare?”
    I laughed when I read the comments from that blog!

  4. Annete, with or without a full moon there are Wolves or Dinosaurs. These individuals sometimes do change for changes sake and they make our jobs difficult……

  5. …professionally..

    two “s”es

    Why is it that policemen who blog seem not to be able to spell?

    Is it some sort of reverse qualification?

  6. Oops, thanks anonymous! Perhaps I didn’t use spellcheck.

  7. You are just a big softy really aren’t you.
    Glad to see that popup has stopped now 🙂

  8. ohh your page has changed 😛

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