Christian couple challenge council and are pursued

December 23, 2006

Have a read! I cannot understand under what remit this was handled or investigated. I do understand we might have to record homophobic and racist non-crime incidents, but how far do we go? Is this going too far? Why did those in charge not stop this going the way it did? The answer is simple, those in power assume those below them understand, whilst neither seem to have a clue.
Why then do we put certain Black people in power that do not have a clue? Views, for example, which might rightly stand against Islam, are viewed as Anti Islamic, and the views might be Anti Islamic, but if the views are Anti Racist, then it is Islam that has to move for the Anti Racist views not the Anti racist views, for Islam. One has to remember that Islam will not always be right and Anti Racist views will challenge any views that are racist. In other words the Islamic views might be racist.
Currently and wrongly within the NBPA, it is this way round for even in the NBPA there is a lack of understanding. Those in power outside of the NBPA don’t care about these wrangling because they know that if the NBPA behaves silly and they have some control over it, then there will be no change in the status quo. This just shows how leaders have undermined race and diversity to political correctness gobbledegook. For years some of us have been saying to police leaders, stop playing games with the subject of race and diversity, don’t go into denial, don’t become defensive, and if you are going to train police officer’s then do so with dignity and respect for the subject matter.
Instead they wish, some of us would just go away, they “shoo” us away and promote their prodigy. Were these people ever likely to pose a threat to the stability of a community? Could this have been handled differently? There is nothing wrong in recording matters, then we build up a picture of trends and intelligence, if there is any, but really was it so necessary to investigate and pursue to this extent? Any changes to the understanding of “race” and diversity inside the service that don’t have a clue will allow us to do what we do best, and allow a decent memory to the lives of Lawrence, etc.
I have to say therefore that this type of change is tedious, menial and USELESS just like those that pursue these “tokenistic” gains. Again, where are the NBPA on this? Not a mention from them or sight or sound of them can be found on this matter. Still it’s better not to say anything, that way, no one will know just how incompetent we might be hmm. No doubt some are slithering because inside the NBPA, HOMOPHOBIA is a bit of an issue. See some in the NBPA, and look closely, for you will find them, have actually sold their souls for a “sushi” number.
If you don’t believe me find out what precise qualifications your NBPA Nat exec member has in race and diversity and when they came on board. Then ask yourself why, even within the NBPA, the established group, will out those that are Black, with a proven track record, but are genuinely working for and with the benefit of the service in mind. Your answer will lie in the fact that some are in it for themselves. THE NBPA ARE CURRENTLY NOT GOVERNED. IF ONE HAS A COMPLAINT THEN ONE MIGHT AS WELL WEE IN THE WIND………


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  1. Nice blog, BlackinBlue. But, if possible, please break your posts up into paragraphs so that simple people like me can have a slightly more relaxing read.
    Cheers and keep up the good work!

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