Don’t arrest on Christmas Day – my foot?

December 24, 2006
This is going pear shaped and I am embarrassed at what I hear and read. So we don’t now arrest on Christmas day, or Ramadan or Diwali. This can’t be carte blanche, Jesus, Dear Lord, help us! Stupid, stupid, stupid or what? Before we decide whether we are going to arrest we go back to the premise, does the alleged crime warrant an arrest? Is there a “race” impact?

This is the question that needs to be tackled not bloody carte blanche, but in all cases. Just because it is Ramadan, does not mean I would tell my shift not to arrest for warrant, or for a crime. I am sorry. I might not arrest if the alleged allegations might be false, or it was going nowhere, for genuine reasons, but Ramadan, or Diwali are not generic reasons.

Of course, Areas where there are large minority communities might consider the implications and we do not want riots, but we are there to police, to preserve life and prevent crime. Any Management Team that thinks differently quite frankly are talking from their Colonial, I dare not say it. Think again, it is not about not arresting during Ramadam, respect for diversity is about not making monkey noises outside a Black man’s cell, or, in other words whether we can treat people with dignity. Those Managers that think otherwise, I am afraid are dinosaurs and Colonial brats seeking promotions. To fear a faith or community is not the way forwards; in fact it is a dire step backwards.

And I am peeved to say the least, that these fools have the brain capacity to suggest race and diversity is about not arresting people during religious times. Inspector G, DC, PC Southwest, Panda, PC Bloggs, what is going on? Ali G even? And what do the NBPA think? My point exactly! Why are they not saying anything? Where is the guidance from the NBPA? There is no central or local guidance to challenge these absurd Management views. Inspector G, don’t let me go on one please….You know my views….


  1. I was under the impression that this was only for outstanding warrants, and when was the last time you did one of those on Christmas Day?

  2. James,

    I think the instruction was wider than that. But even then, if this is the only time we can get people in, then so be it….And true, we don’t tend to do execute warrants on Xmas Day or thereabouts, but by suggesting this sort of management rationale the powers to be think they understand diversity. The key is not them I am afraid, the key is the PC and Sergeants.


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