Ramps has done it!

December 24, 2006

Mark Ramprakash has won the Strictly Come Dancing thing. Well done that man. He was picked off as a sporting cricketer at the age of 17. Mark Ramprakash is recognised as one of the most gifted and talented batsman of his generation.

I love Matt Dawson, in a non gay way, I am not gay by the way. But, Mark Ramprakash and others in his generation paved the way for the likes of Mahmood and Panesar. Indians or Anglo Indians and mix cultures in British sport is about role models and all this publicity will do Indo English race relations good.

We can’t measure the impact I know. One thing I do know is that the likes of Panesar, Mahmood and Ramprakash are not sell outs, unlike some of my Black colleagues sitting in BPA’s. So I am happy.


  1. I agree Rams is a great inspiration to all youngsters. But this is nothing what so ever to do with his ethnicity, but his determination and worth.

  2. I agree this man has Ramps has determination, etc, but his ethnicity is a part of him and it is important for youngsters to see they too can aspire……

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