Jingle Bells

December 25, 2006
I just heard it on the radio, and it went like this. It was Asian radio and local, but anyway.

Jingle bal-eh, (as in bale bale),
Jingle Bal-eh,
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride on a….
Then the presenter forgot the words.
I could not but help smile….
I thought whats this Bal-eh bal-eh business….
But you know what, he described Christmas day as an auspicious day,
an auspicious day, is a term used in Asian faiths.
The presenter said it was a special day for it was the birth of the Messiah. Even with a laugh and a joke,
the key is,
the presenter respected the day.
That is the key to race and diversity.


  1. There I was thinking the best way was to rename it to something else or ban it so that everyone is happy lol

  2. We must not take the dream away from children at Christmas, and the words should remain, let them sing with pride and joy, Jingle bells, etc, etc, etc. But for us as adults we must learnt to laugh, not at one group but at ourselves as a whole – Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas.

  3. jesus & mary feature in the koran. jesus is a prophet in islam. hence the respect me thinks.

    happy new year

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