Saddam Hussein – hung – 30/12/06

December 30, 2006


  1. The whole world is probably talking about this.
    He was a wicked man. If you did not follow him, he just executed you.
    Now he has been executed.

  2. Annette, the right to life is unique, yes we handed Saddam to the Iraqi’s, but we cannot condone execution. Now, Saddam is a martyr and radical Islamic people in this country who are bigoted will view this martyrdom with faith.

    This is very much like Black on Black power…

    The Iraqi’s have done some dirty work here, but the country still remains in turmoil. For the West, we can now fear more attrocity.

  3. Wicked man he most certainly was. And the people who taunted him while he was waiting to be killed are not much better, as are those who did the deed. I don’t see how two wrongs make a right.

  4. PC South West, I can see some common sense in what you say. I didn’t write any words. I was wondering how the execution rated in terms of integrity when it happened. Sadly, those that conducted the execution are CORRUPT. We, nor the Americans, should have let this happen in the way it did. We handed over to a regime full of some corrupt individuals. I would argue that the American soldiers that looked after Saddam did so with integrity. If there are these lunatics in power, do people believe these people will be pro British or pro American. Or are these people terrorists also? This whole issue is bad news.

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