Guilty of illegally tapping Asian officer’s phone calls – but what of Jarrett?

December 31, 2006


Sir Ian has done it again, in shirt sleeve order with no tie, and his bag carriers are now nowhere to be seen. I genuinely feel sorry for Sir Ian.Please find an extract: “Reacting to the tribunal’s ruling, NBPA president Keith Jarrett said: “It is a blatant abuse of executive power. This is an attempt to undermine the NBPA and shows that racism is still very much alive in the Metropolitan Police.”

I really don’t like the way Ali has been treated by the Met. There are some shocking revelations. This really is a two tier system for Jarrett is a part of the problem. Jarrett and others like him are incompetent and play games with the subject of race.

The above individual has himself, Jarrett that is, in my opinion played the “race” card when, to gain a position of power for himself, he “culled” the legs of an honest and Senior member of the NBPA. He has done this twice to my knowledge. I have no doubt that Jarrett has been groomed…..but for what? Let’s go back to the days of slavery, from whom did the slave traders purchase Black people? From other Black people of course….

I have seen a document written by Jarrett prior to him becoming the President of the NBPA. The document was an absolute whitewash, I can say no more about this document, and those members of the NBPA that took part in this “culling” in my opinion are not only ignorant, but corrupt. Why? Because the organisation has given them power, and they abused the power to the satisfaction of the organisation and to their personal satisfaction.

Keeping intelligent Black and Asian people under control is current race relations in policing and if Black colleagues are used to “cull”, so what? My view is that this behaviour, the behaviour of some in power in the NBPA, this “culling” is immoral, corrupt and dangerous….I don’t think Ali is like that though; there is a stark difference between Jarrett and Dizaie. Ali is intelligent and I certainly would not expect any support from Jarrett, in my opinion, can be likened to a barking dog, he might appear fierce, can bite, is easily led, but has no intelligence.

I accept that this is a blatant attempt by the Met to undermine the NBPA, but frankly Jarrett and his contemporaries have done a splendid job of this themselves. Chand described this behaviour when he referred to the Met, “untouchable and out of control” in referring to the treatment of Ali. I agree with Chand but remember Jarrett and those that groom others are untouchable. And these people know exactly who they are, they certainly are not my brothers or sisters, they are as racist as some racist White people I know, but it suits to have such an incompetent BPA because the institution can keep it on side when it wants and stuff it when it wants, and it will not know any better. Has Jarrett abused his executive power?

(This entry is dedicated to the officer whose legs were culled, and the stress that some in the NBPA movement have caused this individual).


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