Chief Officer poses again as Elvis!

January 8, 2007
Let me tell you a little about Mr Coleman. Since I wrote the piece about him and Elvis I received an email from someone who said this,
“David called for me, he asked his secretary to call. I was told, “he would like you to come up know.” I duly attended, as a BPA rep, and was given a thorough telling off. David was not impressed with what another BPA member had said. He was concerned that it might affect ethnic minority recruiting. I asked David what he wanted from us, did he want us to speak the truth when asked or not. He still ADVISED ME strongly. I left his office feeling gutted. I met him again at a meeting when he advised basically that the BPA would not get what they wanted for at least two years. He definitely pulled his power and rank to get back at us.”
David, I think you deserve to be gonged, don’t you. I did my own digging on David and this is what I found. Derbyshire have just recently been awarded a gong in relation to their training on race and diversity. My sources tell me David though actually prevented good training in race and diversity because he could not understand the training. My sources tell me that at the time he refused, with others, to attend a course. Clearly this Supreme knows better and is above race and diversity. I think that says bags about his own lack of understanding.
The same source reveals that Derbyshire was actually lacking in race training just after The Secret Policeman Documentary. Hmm, it is pretty impressive thing to do, to bag a gong from an external source, and then to bag a gong from Twining. One wonders really what diversity means to this Leader. My sources also tell me he actually likes Elvis. Sadly David, I have to say, you do not deserve to be seen as the King, sorry. Me feels they bought the other gong. This one, from me, TWINING, they got for free. Remove that white suit immediately David. And the real Elvis, please forgive me, I consider myself slapped for associating the King with David. Derbyshire police you are closely running towards gong number three next week. Let’s see what other worthy contenders appear, shall we?


  1. Heh twining liking your awards! Top blogging old fruit

  2. Thank you Seregant! If we can’t beat them, Let’s name and shame!

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