Twining’s week 2 award for race and diversity goes to

January 8, 2007

Wiltshire Police, well done. The lack of understanding you have shown on your own to ethnicity and criminality makes you as a Force the recipient of this week’s gong. A Forum group for travellers and integrating them, without suggestions like a settlement site across 43 Forces where there are full facilities, and which is away from industrial estates, shows clearly that the people you have in post do not understand race and diversity. Interesting are these loyal career movers.

Putting such people in charge of such initiatives, no doubt, means you have yes men and women at your helm. You can not hope to make a real difference but you have made us laugh. Mark and Lissaman-Edge you have been gonged for allowing this totally insane and incompetent approach.

And you three, including your Force, Wiltshire, are the worthy winners of this weeks gong for race and diversity. Still, perhaps you may listen and see that such forums, bar long term education, rarely lead to change but make do good Liberals feel better. The suggestion put forward here to have sites might actually reduce crime and make a difference, but would not take 10 years to achieve and £50,000. And when I say street level, I mean, support colleagues on the street. It is not easy walking into no go areas alone, for one might get a severe kick in. These areas need funding, not forums of this type.

Spend the money wisely by supporting integration at street level, and supporting kids from marginalised backgrounds. If you have a deserved recipient for Gong of the week please email me.

I like this….I will look through and put forward yours and my cases for gongs of the week. A recipient of the gong might have made a “fau pas.” Sometimes also we can give good gongs too, for real good stuff also. Folks, this way we might change things for the better.


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