The first generation

January 9, 2007

I was with my dad the other day, he would be classed as first generation. He left East Africa in the late 1960’s to come here, just before Edi Amin shocked the world with his hatred. My dad arrived with just a suitcase. We soon followed. He saved tremendously so we had a future. He supported all his brothers and sisters and helped them settle. Not once has he asked for a penny from any of his family. That is his legacy.

As my dad, was taking me from one part of Central london to Palmers Green, he took me through the back roads avoiding the A406. He knew the roads like the back of his hand.

Lacking in confidence I said, “Dad I am lost, where do I got, straight on right.” He said, “Yes.” Then he said, “You are not lost, we grew up here, we have walked these roads, the bus cost 15 pence but back then we didnt have enough money to catch a bus so we have walked these roads.”

When I look back on what this generation has achieved, I know for a good few years, he and his friends would walk alot. The energy that this generation has is something we are struggling oursleves to aspire to. God bless them.

Even now, sometimes I look at people coming to this country from abroad and I see what my dad means. I often see these families walking alot. Now I know why.

Some of these people are here on work contracts, and unlike us will never settle for good here. They will return to India or wherever. Look at IT, and you will see many people being brought across from India. Look around, because some of these individuals do not know British culture, and those extremists amongst society will exploit these people, so they are pretty vulnerable.

So wherever we as police officer’s have these incoming groups, by keeping our eyes and ears open in relation to migration and settling trends we can provide a positive reassurance presence. And we do that by just being there and smiling. In amongst all this talk I realised my dad and mum, who are in their 80’s now, make good sense to me.



  1. Your parents obviously worked very hard and saved hard.
    I would guess that they are very proud of you now.

  2. I thought it was ‘IDI Amin’ not Edi Amin!

  3. Eddy will do!

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