The name Twining…What does it mean?

January 9, 2007
I am so glad that the likes of PC Southwest, PC Bloggs, aInspector G himself, David Coulthard, oops, I meant David copperfield, extra special, Sergeant says, and others have taken the time to read some of my thoughts. Race and diversity is not rocket science. It is ablout applying logic as Inspector G does. But the name TWINING, where did it come from? Well I read DC’s blog and then I read Inspector G’s blog, and I was drinking some Twining’s tea, yuk, yuk, yuk, but it’s good for you, yuk, yuk, yuk, green tea.

I opened up a blogger account and it asked for a name. So I diddled for a few minutes and the name Twining looked at me in the face, it’s as simple as that, that’s how I got my name. And what is even more wonderful is the TWINING awards. I am loving it……Loads of you have asked what does the name mean? Some have even DARED to criticise it. Actually the names means alot to me. sot, the name has alot to de with GREEN TEA, or yuk yuk yuk, or huh huh huh, as Elvis would say. And how many Chief officers do you know that like Elvis? I can think of two!



  1. My husband, geoff, loves Dilmah tea from Sri lanka.

  2. I have heard of Dilmah, never tried it though.

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