Mcnulty goes – yipee!

January 11, 2007
A Press release leaked from ACPO in relation to the Home Secretary, dated 11/01/07.
“ACPO forwarded to Mr Mcnulty genuine concerns regarding offenders residing in the UK that have been convicted of serious crimes, (e.g. paedophiles, and sex offenders), and the concern that with the lack of a joined up system between international states and this country, and the required sharing of intelligence, that the system was considered flawed. This report was brought to the attention of Mr Mcnulty as a result of the ongoing work following the Soham murders. ACPO will not negotiate any settlement that the report was never submitted. A sustained plan including funding was put forward. Unfortunately the Home office rejected the paper.”
There then follows a conversation between Mr Reid and Mr Mcnulty
R: “Why was I not informed when I asked?”
M: “Well, erm, diddle. I did respond to ACPO diddle, but I didn’t want to give them any funding, diddle.”
R: “Are you listening to me?”
M: “Yes, well, no, yes, whatever.”
R: “Well?”
M: “Does this mean I’m fired?”
R: “If you don’t have a good answer, yes.”
M: “What about my secretary?”
R: “She’s fired too. Is there anything else you want to share with me?”
M: “I don’t like you. I don’t like Blair. I am converting.”
R: “Incompetent fool. I should have fired you earlier.” 5 minutes later the window to Dr Reid’s office was smashed as a brick was thrown from outside. The brick just missed the Home Secretary’s head. (The Home secretary was heard muttering something in Scottish, but no one coul understand it.) A Home office witness working for the Home Secretary described the suspect as a white male, in his 50’s, with funny glasses, a silly smile and curly hair, (Mcnulty?). Further enquiries are ongoing.

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  1. its about time you did. what do you think of my story’s?

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