Institutional Racism and Big Brother

January 15, 2007
All, I wanted to discuss here what I was seeing on big Brother and link it to Institutional Racism and the way racism operates. This is not about saying everyone in the police service is racist, but identifying where group behaviour causes racism and how it is institutionalised in the behaviour of others.
Let’s talk about Shilpa in BB. Interestingly, this Bollywood lady is glamorous, intelligent and beautiful. Jermaine said it a few days ago, she was the only lady of colour in the BB house, and he was the only man of colour.
I have time for Jermaine, he is a nice guy and he has not slagged anyone off. Let’s talk about the others, shall we? Jade’s mum Jackie took an instant dislike to Shilpa. To Jackie, Shilpa was an Indian. Oh! Jackie was rude, aggressive and pretty nasty, and then she got booted.
Jade cried, and never once spoke to Shilpa, and her demeanour towards Shilpa also changed; yet she admitted that Jackie had been nasty to Shilpa! But suddenly now that Jackie had been evicted, Jade is adamant on getting her own back on Shilpa.
Now, let’s talk about the girls, shall we? Danielle doesn’t really want to get off her backside, but she does want to criticise Shilpa when Shilpa cooks at 4pm. (Attitude). Not only that, just to show us, how nasty she really is, she comes out, tells Jade and Jo, she is going to have a go at Shilpa, has her go and goes back in, only to rant on about it. A nice cocktail of culture.
So between the three of them, they think Shilpa is false. Eh-hum, I think Shilpa is one of the most genuine people there, together with Dirk and Jermaine. So ladies your bullying culture is a bit out of order. I have to say, seeing what I have seen; I don’t like Jackie, Jade, Danielle nor Jo.
I do like Cleo, Carole, Dirk, Shilpa and Jermaine. The first group is collusive, and intolerant. They sit on their backsides and slag others off. Interestingly also, Jermaine is keeping an eye on Shilpa, he is looking after her, as is Dirk. And then there’s the insignificant fool, Jade’s boyfriend, Jack, who I think called Shilpa, a f—ing PAKI. Nice one mate you just showed your true colours!
He just seems to go alone with Jade. Jodie Marsh and Jermaine have eluded to this; She is Black, and beautiful; it’s funny how racism creeps out in an institution such as BB. You can tell that Ian, (H), feels what is going on also.
Now, there was also the incident where Shilpa walked in with bleach on her face and they talked amongst themselves and said, Shilpa shaves. I can tell you that Shilpa does not shave her face. She looked pretty cute with all tat bleach on her face. Then they asked her and giggled, as to whether she had a big hairy nose. (Attitude).
This is about getting together, making someone feel different, talking behind that person’s back, name calling, being aggressive and driving someone to tears. The girls clearly don’t like Asian and Oh yes, she added all those onions to the noodles! Oh deary me, they don’t do that in Essex do they, it must be an Indian thing, cooking!
Well, get off your backside Danielle, you did after all, eat the noodles, and then slag Shilpa off to your mates! Not only that but in a one to one, you denied the slagging off to Shilpa. Yet, Shilpa could feel the vibes.
I like Shilpa…She is accepting of others. Some of the others can’t even be tolerant let alone be accepting of Shilpa. I think there are many police officer’s who would say some of the house mates here are out of order, and most would refer to Jack as an incompetent fool, as a bit of a sheep, a follower and Jade and Danielle would be our leaders, and frankly they are poor leaders, just as some of our leaders in policing are poor leaders.
Update: 16/01/07: Anonymous I am sorry that you feel that I am seeking out race. You may have a point but, the fact is genuine officers have taken Forces to tribunal in the hope of Justice. All they have received is heartache, lies, collusion, and a fight. They have been damaged by racism. Unless it affects you it doesn’t affect you. And the Asian chap who talked up the racism was also out of order. The service is in denial. As for Shilpa: I don ‘t know her personally LOL. My wife would kill me. I like your humour though anonymous. Ofcom have received 300+complaints about bullying and the fact that Shilpa is different is a reason for the manner in which she is being bullied. India being up in arms was my humour, but The Times of India are not happy. Erm and as for Danielle, yes Indian people are ill and skinny because they spew up, because the chicken is in the oven for only an hour. Der! Some Indians are vegetarian. Oh yes, and as for eating with one’s fingers. When most people got to Indian restaurants that is the way to eat Indian food, one uses the Naan bread to sweep up the curry. Jade has been dropped from an anti bullying campaign. I wonder why. In this group who has the power, anonymous? I don’t have to hide my views. Franky and Southwest and Extraspecial thank you for being honest. The one’s that bring BB and the police into disrepute are the ones in denial and the ones that collude. I am in neither of those groups. Which one are you in anonymous?


  1. You WATCH Big Brother?

  2. Yes, sadly, I watch it from about 2100 when I can, then I give it a miss about 2145.

  3. By the way, the trio’s treatment of Shilpa has recived special attention in (a) The Times of India, who are going mad! and (b) pickled politics. So it wasn’t just me.

  4. The whole of India is outraged!

  5. I am going to have to admit something very embarrassing here.
    I watch big brother.
    There I said it but I have some mitigation in that my wife watches it so I am kind of just there when its on really, honest.
    Anyway to the point of Shilpa, who I will add is a very beautiful woman and I think she is the best of all the women in the house.
    I did not know that Jack called her such a disgraceful name and if he did, he should be taken to task. I think all the other girls are jealous of her, especially the two faced Danielle who denied to her face that she was talking about her behind her back.
    I don’t think they are against her because of her colour though, but you never know.

    Anyway I am off to do something more manly like wash my hair 🙂

  6. Thats is SouthWest go wash your hair! So you watch it too? And you admit it! I wonder whether DC and Insp G have been watching it too? Hmm.

  7. I have told everyone that Shilpa Shetty should go for the Chief Constable post of Wiltshire. Worse still I lied and I said Southwest and extraspecial told me so.

  8. Should I also admit to watching it . . . . yeah *cough*

    It always seems to be that two distinct groups form, you get the nice group and the nasty group.

    Jade is just jelous of Shilpa because jade has the face of the arse of an elephant. She is repulsive – perhaps they should all pick on her and see how she likes it – no doubt she will cry and want to leave

  9. I cannot believe taht you choose to waste your time watching half baked celebrities. As serving police officers we get to see the real thing and better with our own local celebrities (court section local newspaper). I get the opinion that you are actively seeking out race issues to hammer home a point that keeps dragging the service and the nation down. I like ALL of my colleagues do not condone racism of any form any direction and it does flow both ways (recent Asian male arrested screaming at officers that they were Christian C@nts and he was going to shag our white bith wives & daughters).
    Can I just ask how do you know for certain that the whole of India is incensed is that a fact/poll or an opinion? And how do you know that the girl does not shave? Do you know her personally?

  10. I have to watch Big Brother as my wife watches it!
    Thanks for your concern BIB.
    I deleted my comment as it was too recognisable.
    I’ll let you know.

  11. I just think there are way more important things to worry about then big brother.
    That someone getting hurt feelings,
    and how someone is feeling bad because of what someone said,
    And how someone is acting racist behind someone’s back,
    And how the way somebody talked about somebody else made them FEEL bad,

    …oh my god!

    In the time it took me to write this 5 children in the 3rd world died…or is that 6 now…or 7 …come on people lets grow the fudge up and get on with solving some REAL problems.

    Blair and his cronies are rubbing their hands and jumping again upon the much flogged back of the good horse Racism and whipping it for all they are worth…while ducking as the noble and fully funded steed takes them nimbly over the more major jumps on the course like Iraq, under funded schools and hospitals, 3rd world dept and illegal immigration, up and around the terrorism legislation water obstacle and past the voting public to the finish line where European legislation waits to make it impossible to say anything at any time to anyone without infringing on the human rights of paedophiles and violent criminals…

    Common sense is dead…bring on the future, where winter festival replaces Christmas and fat people are obese and where people are so stupid they need classes on how to raise children…

    The future is bright…the future is ASBO.

  12. Hi BIB.
    I’d like your opinion on something.
    Many, many years ago, when I joined the Met, I was walking from the tube station with an Asian chap.
    He was joining the same as me.
    We were both new to London and because of our mutual choice of career we were chatting amiably between ourselves as we towed our cases from Colindale to the training school.
    A car pulled up along side us and an Asian male in the drivers seat asked “Do you want a lift?”
    We both gladly said yes but he replied “Not him (pointing to me) just you.”
    This was the first, but not the last time I have experienced discrimination because of my colour.
    I must admit, at the time, I made light of it and my new acquaintance politely refused, but I have since experienced similar attitudes, but probably, not on a par with with the obvious discrimination that has been demonstrated in history against black/asian officers.
    Anyway. This is distracting me from my point.
    I agree 100% that Shilpa has been bullied.
    That is beyond doubt.
    However, the only point I would say is possibly on racist grounds (I would like to point ou that I do not watch this 24/7) would be Danielle’s comment “I think she should fuck off home.”
    The media have jumped on this with a frenzy.
    I recall Jermaine talking in a whispered conversation with Shilpa about Jade and her Mum. (Both of whom drive me insane by the way.)
    He described them as “White Trash.”
    I don’t know if you saw this but I find it both sad and amazing that no mention (as far as I have seen) has been made in the media about this.
    Surely it works both ways?
    I hate the show anyway.
    I’ve actually booked a fortnights holiday around the time it usually starts and pleaded with my wife not to watch it.
    Anyway, I would be interested in your views mate.
    Don’t forget to check out my poem on my site.

  13. Arksos, I don’t really think we are here to solve the problems of the world. It’s just a case of talking about what ever we want, be it big brother or the world of policing.
    Yes there are more important things happening and people being killed.

  14. What Jermaine said was wrong. I think he realises it now and that can be forgiven. Danielle has been very two faced, trying to gain Shilpa’s confidence, and then selling that confidence to fuel Jade. Danielle, as young as she is, is pretty nasty. I feel sorry for Teddy, who I have admired as an ambassador of football. And we have a kick racism out of football campaign too. The girls have not let up at all, they have pressed Shilpa and pushed and prodded. Alas, they have affected her emotionally and that is what racism does. There are many impoportant things in the world, but what we do is critical. We can turn away or we can say things are wrong. For once the debate is away from policing but the attitudes displayed in the show are no different to the attitudes displayed by Stephen Lawrence’s killer or any racist, Black or White. It is said that one colleague was asked for a life and the other, Asian, was refused. That’s what used to happen. Now it’s more subtle. Shilpa to win!

  15. PC Frankfact, you know when we meet these bad attitudes if we say to people like Jade, we don’t like it, that makes all the difference. if Ian, Jermaine and Dirk had said this to Jade, Danielle and Jo this would have been enough, but people don’t. That is where we fall as peoples. When you meet bad attitude, tell them to look in the mirror and walk away! See what happens!

  16. I just find it sad Twining that so much has been made over the whole issue.
    She was bullied by small minded people and someone should have stood up to them, or C4 should have took responsibility and removed the main offender.
    Instead it was turned into something that it wasn’t by the press and it snowballed. For it to have reached the stage where nations leaders are talking about it is ridiculous.
    As for Jermaine’s comments. Lets look at the facts. Jade’s mum is white and in my opinion, trash.
    I agree with his comments and I don’t for one minute think that it had any racial implications at all.
    But the media didn’t raise the same furore over it that later arose over Shilpa.
    Lets say for instance if Dirk had spoke to Leo and said that Jermaine was Black Trash.
    Do you think it would have been equally ignored?
    I think that all hell would have been raised.
    Fairness is what I’m after and I don’t believe that has happened here.
    If everyone is treated equally then both incidents should have aroused the same reaction.
    I hope the show gets banned coz then I won’t have to suffer it for 3 bloody months in the summer.

  17. Good grief where do I start? Racism is wrong and I got on the wrong end of it when working in Wales and was caught in possession of being English – even though I respected the language, culture and so on. But what I really want to know is how do you all get so much time to watch BB? The government and us cvvies want you OUT there ON THE BEAT so we middle class dorks can sleep easy in our beds. True.

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