The "A" Team head to Hertfordshire

January 19, 2007
I am learning from Bloggs. I was summonsed and this is what happened:
Chief: Twining we need you to go to Hertfordshire. We have a problem.
Twining: We do? OK boss, it’s Big brother right?. Who do I take with me?
Chief: Shhh, don’t tell everyone. Pick your team.
Twining: Er OK, I want Bloggs interviewing with me, Inspector G to oversee this and I want to be able to check things out with Frankyfact and Southwest.
Chief: I grant you your wish. Can you sort this for me? For the service? For Britain. For the World.
Twining: Boss. We the A team will do our best. Just for you that is.
Chief: No one must know.
(It’s Ok i though hmm I won’t tell anyone who Inspector G is! Because I don’t know who he is myself and we shall all be wearing batman, robin and batwoman outfits.) So off we went, all of us. Southwest drove the van, Inspector G was ready at the helm of the van, whilst I sat in between the two. In the back of the van was Frankyfact and Myth Peeler had somehow got a ride. WT I thought…With tape machine and pen board in the van, and additional flip charts we made our way to Hertfordshire. Adorning fans of Inspector G laid flowers at his feet, this being an old Indian custom. Mr Man’s wife was there! The ladies loved Southwest, some even loved Bloggs, and Frankyfact and Myth Peeler were like two coiled dogs. But no one knew me, Black in Blue, no one knew me!


  1. How rude of them. *throws a flower or two*

  2. Aha, as we arrived at the gated site, there was extra special wearing a Spiderman outfit. The doors of the van flung open and like BA Baracus, Myth Peeler pulled him into the van. But where was Bizzie?

  3. Question.

    Who gets the detections?

    PS you may be right about the girls.
    In my dreams.

  4. Knowing my luck I’d lock up Jade Goody.
    Thats one Essex slapper that don’t give me a woody.
    Twining the swine, he’d get Shilpa Shetty.
    He likes her thinks I, me’s thinking confetti.

    Peeler the nutter, he’d lock up Jade’s mum.
    With her sexual persuasion, he’ll have a sore bum.
    Bloggs will nab Ian, she’ll cart him away.
    But she’s shit outta luck, cos he is quite Gay.

    Gadget our guv’nor, Jo’s collar he’ll feel.
    He’d like something else, but he’s keeping it real.
    Bob Slot has his cuffs, which he clamps on Danielle.
    She shouts “Its the bizzies, oh shit! Fuckin ell!”

    As for TUPC, he’s stuck in the nick.
    Transferred back to custody, boy, is he fucking sick!
    As for Dirk and the rest, they’re all hiding inside.
    Who shall we go for next? Your choice. You decide!

  5. Of course you can call me bro dear boy.
    Hope the bit of choice language don’t offend.

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