Some new protocols in race and diversity

January 26, 2007

The Home Office – a leaked paper, (Jan 2007).

  1. The new “A” team is to be formally adopted by the Right Honourable John Reid to kick the butt of Mcnulty and er the Home Office. Big fella and Myth Peeler sent undercover, Myth assumed he was to end up under cover with a nice lady! Panda keeps eyes on Myth. Mrs Myth not happy.

  2. Twining’s gong awards rank amongst the best awards in the World as Oscar nominees begin Black market in Twining gongs. PC Southwest given the task of gong master.

  3. Police Review are offering an award to charity if information leads to the identification of Twining. Ooo! Bizzie liasing with Police Review and sending them off in a spin.

  4. ACPO is offering a promotion, and if this person passes go, they can collect £100K, for identifying Twining. Inspector G arranging new rights to develop a board game about policing.

  5. Today Dr Sentamu was employed as race advisor to Sir Ian Blair on handshaking – or not! Dr Sentamu’s first advice to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner – “Move over.” Later the same day the Commissioner it is led to believe immediately sacked Dr Sentamu for not identifying Twining. Ooo! Dr Sentamu re-employed as advisor to Twining. Sergeant says and DC form a partnership with Dr Sentamu and welcome him with a bottle of Whisky.


  1. May I say Black in Blue, with no offence intended, I do think that that incident with Sir Ian Blair was very wrong inded.
    That asian police lady WAS at work so her religious beliefs should not have come into it.
    She should have shook his hand like everybody else did.

  2. I like the new layout very much!

  3. Shilpa SHETTY has won big brother!!!

  4. Thank god that’s over. Can we have some real news now please?

  5. Hey Twining,
    What did you think of David Cameron saying some Muslim groups are a mirror image of groups such as the BNP? Sounded fair enough to me.

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