Twinings cup of tea – not!

January 26, 2007

Erm well I am upset today and I told Franky so and Big fella. I was invited to a do, just some Black colleagues chilling out. I couldn’t go. Why? It just didn’t feel right. One of the officers there is an incompetent on the NBPA. He is a part of the problem of racism, he took a Black colleagues legs and he has left us way behind in race relations.

He is a nodding dog when it suits him and when it doesn’t he barks, but the organisation uses nodding dogs. Some of the Black colleagues are good, but some refuse to stand up. Not my cup of TWINING’s tea I am afraid. And everyone walks around as if nothing has happened.

So, I have cleared my conscience, I would rather associate with good police officers like DC, and Franky and Political police and bizzie and panda and Myth and erm Sergeant says and Inspector G of course. Ohh and extraspecial. These are my friends. And big fella.



  1. BinB,

    Save the best to last I noted!!

    Unfortunately there are some people with a chip on their shoulder or a hidden agenda and they are in every job, its just a shame they show up in ours. Its bad enough when we dont get support from outside but when someone on the inside takes your legs it shatters your faith. Luckily touchwood I have a good team around me and have a good name in the nick and hope that anyone trying this to me would get a backlash!!

  2. Big fella, It wasn’t easy, to say no to some good friends, but I had no time for the people that look after themselves and are incompetent in the NBPA. They are selfish and they don’t help the service because they cannot deal with their own prejudices. Yet the service allows them to continue because they have not got the knowledge to challenge the silliness of the service’s leaders. Some of these people took colleagues legs for no reason other than personal privilege. I have a good name but Senior Managers don’t like some of what I say. Hey ho! I am rather more into how the service can do better things for everyone including minoirty people but when it is time to stand up against Islamic radicalism, we also need to be firm here. And perhaps the Church needs to look at itself also. Sometimes I don’t know who my freinds are.

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