This post is dedicated to busybizzie

February 1, 2007
busybizzie said… “Hey Twining,What did you think of David Cameron saying some Muslim groups are a mirror image of groups such as the BNP? Sounded fair enough to me.” 31 January, 2007 Busy erm, well, erm can I just start off by saying, (politicians and Senior officer answer), you need to see the bigger picture, be mindful of what you are saying, blah, blah blah. I hope that answers your question Bizzie and thanks. The NBPA’s answer, (zilch – nowhere to be seen on contentious issues unless they can gain career points). Now, Twining’s answer is much the same as yours. And twining says you should say it as you see it, so if someone doesn’t like you because of your Western Values and they promote you as the infodel because you are a non believer, then EUSTON, we have a muticultural damn problem. There are two clear positions, racist or anti racist, there is no middle ground. Nick Griffin and co, (BNP) are bad. Extremist Muslim groups of the type we saw on Dispatches are just the same. Who is david Camerspliff anyway? Isn’t that the hug the hoody politician that admitted smoking “yipee” and rides his bike to school? Anyway Bizzie we have a unique role, we shouldn’t be scared of saying to people, “you are racist,” but we are. Some in the Islamic community view the other as infodels. Therefore I am an infodel or inferior. The hell I am. Equally there are many many moderate Muslims who integrate.The choice is simple, integrate or suffer racism. Bizzie, who can we give a Twining gong to? Did I tell you I was once considered Anti Islamic and virtually booted from the BPA? I cared about all, thats why I joined the BPA. I don’t see much difference between you and me, other than the obvious bit, male female like. I would rather you folks were with us but until the NBPA is anti racist it won’t happen I guess. I am so sure you’re in Shire shire….Are you? Anyway this is better than a diversity course right….


  1. Brother. You say it like it is.
    The sad fact of this world is that there are extremist morons in virtually every corner of society, black or white, muslim or christian or whatever religion.
    Oh, while I’m here. The word verification thing. Tres irritating mon ami. Kick it will you?
    Its just done it again.

  2. Franky how does one kick it?

  3. Err……Twining. The sex of that panda is male I’m sure.
    Its with lookouts like you that the germans lost the war.
    Vos is das. Ein panda.

  4. Can’t you go into your template settings thingy and remove it?

  5. panda’s a male? Are you sure?

  6. I’ve just noticed your link bar.
    Not good enough to warrant a link eh?
    Sniff sniff.

  7. Check out Film Star looks on HIS blog.

  8. I confess all, I am a man. The clue was in one of my last posts where I described myself as “a rakishly handsome man”. but you know how it is with us Pandas. No wonder there’s so few of us around.

  9. Franky are you happy now, I can’t get anymore links man!

  10. That link is to Gadget.

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