PC Frankyfact – for you

February 2, 2007
Her time has come.
Her legacy is well, numb…Now Della is GOING.
I can hear ACPO MOANING.
Though she will be remembered As the Chief among women.
Who brought in that SHOWER?
Bloody hell a new meeting room,
and well those FLOWERS….
She smelt sweet, ánd her FEET,
well they…SMELT.
Thats why she felt faint.
She would grace her SMT’s meetings.
With an iron ROD, and COD,
and chips of course.
She didnt mind top cops eating,
Chinese takeaways and curry’s.
She liked her Mcdonald’s,her pizza, her Ronald…
Our Della also loved STELLA…
Oh really,
But did she behave like a fella?
RESPECT innit.


  1. Hmmm.
    Thanks. I think.
    Its the thought though ain’t it?

  2. Your poetry sucks…..

    see here for similar entries, and you can also get them to help you,


    Incidentally, yours may be the fourth worst in the universe!

    I’ve added you to my side bar anyway… so its not all bad!

  3. OI OI I think I write well. Della may have behaved like her peers, who happen to be bad leaders, or some of them are poor managers? So I guess she wouldna challenged?

  4. Sorry Twining.
    Write well you might.
    But your poetry is shite.

  5. The World’s third worst poetry is written by Vogons! Totally UNPC you are mad.This poetry of mine is OK ish.

  6. the universe BIB, not the world… the UNIVERSE!!!!!!

    ha ha

  7. Have you gone on holiday, or just been seconded to some special crack unit like the ‘A’Team?

  8. OK I threw my teddy out of the pram because some said my poems didn’t RHYME. I am reconvening and considering my poetry innit. No, things have been busy….My poetry ain’t that bad, is it? Innit!

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