OK Which Force owns one of these?

February 12, 2007

I have always wanted one of these damn it. The Met have BMW’s, erm, even Kent has BMW’s, some Forces have Vauxhalls and some have Lada’s, but which Chief Constable has authorised the purchase of a, erm C class because he, or oo she, deserves a Twining Gong?


  1. I haven’t a clue about cars I’m afraid, so I can’t comment on your blog!
    But it nice to see you back again.You have been missing for a while haven’t you?

  2. I think it may be wiltshire!

  3. We have them in our force, I think it was at the expence of everything else though.

  4. its probably for PCSOs to use!!!!!!!

  5. Not Wiltshire, it would have a huge Maltese Cross on the door panels I believe? Not that I have seen a Wiltshire vehicle for many a year living and working elsewhere.

  6. You all wrong. That vehicle is owned by the police in Jamnagar, India. What I want to know is which vehicle like this has been nicked in this country?

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