urgent press release – Commissioner holds…..

February 16, 2007

Operation trident meeting – am 15/02/07

Following the death of a third Black teenager in South London in the last few weeks the Commissioner is said to have organised a very urgent top level meeting involving himself, the Senior officer responsible for Crime, the officer in charge of Operation TRIDENT, the Senior Commander responsible for Peckham, the Race Officer and his DACC’s, one of whom is Tariq Ghaffur. John Reid is said to be preparing an urgent visit to Peckham. What happens next? What follows is an extract of the conversation? The meeting is sat around the round table. Picture this. The Commissioner is wearing an Afro wig as Tariq Ghaffur walks in.

Commissioner: “Tariq, come in come in.”

Tariq: “What the …. Is this a joke? What is he wearing?”

Race Officer: “You have to look at the bigger picture.”

Commissioner: “Will someone please tell me what we can do.”

Race officer: “Think outside the box.”

Tariq: (mumbles, “Who bought this incompetent in, Dufus. Oops I know, the Commissioner employed her.”)

Staff Officer: “You can’t call the Commissioner that.”

Tariq: “I can.”

Staff Officer: “No you can’t.”

Tariq: “Can, can, can.” (A fight then begins between the two, Tariq pushes the Staff Officer, and the Commissioner duly issues a PND and gains a vital sanctioned detection).

Commissioner: “Who, what? How does my hair look Lad”, smiling at the Staff Officer.”

Staff Officer: “You look fine Sir.”

ACC: “He’s ignoring Tariq again, hey so, Let’s all ignore Tariq. God that Staff Officer looks good. Doesn’t she?”

Tariq: “Trident Sir, is Black on Black crime. You have to look at why these people are committing these crimes, and who these people are. “

Race Officer: “But, but.”

Commissioner: (falls asleep.)

I will add a more serious article re: this issue because we all can do our bit, and that is all anyone is asking. …We can do our bit to protect all peoples.



  1. Is it you stick a pony in me pocket and I’ll fetch me suitcase from the van?

  2. I’m guessing Reid won’t get shot.

  3. So, no one wants to comment on the sanctioned detection the Commissioner claimed?

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