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February 17, 2007

Black on Black gun crime

I said I would write my thoughts on the issues of gun crime and the Black community. Whatever we think there is no doubt in my mind working in Shire shire that it must be a nightmare and a difficult one to police certain areas of London, of the West Mids, of Greater Manchester and Nottingham. Black on Black gun crime is not a joke, though it might be to SMT’s and I don’t think most readers of this blog view this type of crime as a joke. Whichever way I look at this problem intelligence is key. Who we stop? Youths gathering in areas. This is all key.

This type of crime is currently not just about drug crime. It appears to be as much about a fashion statement of what it is to be “hard” within the Black community. Often victims of these crimes are doing nothing wrong and this is the sad state of affairs of this type of crime.

We cannot afford “no go areas” in any one of the cities that we are talking about, where some offenders routinely carry these firearms. If they are prepared to use these guns on innocent victim’s that are Black to show their “manliness” and power in a geographical area they are marking their turf. What else will follow? There will come a time when they will also turn on innocent police officers who do not have the ready access to firearms.

Therefore more firearm patrols is not a “no option.” Expect an increase in routine firearm patrols, but again this does nothing for the lone PBO walking their beat or the lone Officer patrolling their car on these areas. If these officers are challenged who will be there to call the job in? Or will it simply be too late. If I was an Inspector in charge of these Areas I would double patrol. There is no other way.

It is absurd that managers thing in these areas it is acceptable to patrol lone. Reassurance patrol is important. Our managers are so tied up within themselves that they have not even realised the nature of this growing problem within the Black community. There is anger and frustration. Are some of the offenders recent immigrants? If so, why do they behave in this way? What about the victims? Are they vulnerable? Why do kids get drawn into this? What are we doing to prevent this culture?

How we take these areas out of the “no go” zone into a state of protection is in the hands of every PC and Sergeant policing these areas, but it is also in the hands of SMT’s and local councils.

Taking discretion away and annoying people by issuing tickets, people that are already marginalised by society, only frustratrates them more, yet SMT’s want detection’s and tickets.



  1. Have you heard that Mr. Blair has ordered a review of the gun laws to help deal with Bbritains inner-city gang culture.
    He is considering proposals including lowering the age at which the mandatory 5 year sentence for carrying a gun can be imposed from 21 to 17.
    He is going to give the police new powers similar to those of the New Serious Organised Crime agency, to mount surveillance of the homes of people suspected of possesing and using firearms.

    That’s good isn’t it, it all helps.

  2. I dont think we need new laws just the courts to impose the full sentence for the laws already in existence and for the prison spaces to be available.

  3. I now that this is not going to be popular but…..why simply not allow police officers to stop and search anyone for firearms without any grounds. If I was stopped and searched for this purpose I would feel reassured not victimised. A simple no names no packdrill approach.

  4. I have just sent this to a N Wales police blog. Sir, as a serving Sergeant it is noted with pride that you have taken some time to complete a blog. The rest of your peers appear shaken, not stirred, with being up front. Can you reassure us that major changes will take place in relation to Black on Black crime, including gun crime and that ACPO will listen to those Black colleagues that are not only members of the NBPA, but others who have qualifications in this field. This is not just about lowering the age, it is about taking away the opportunity of crime and replacing it with opportunity and role models. Our local front line officers and how they interact is still key.

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