Twining calls for police to say no to the BNP

February 19, 2007

I have posted this on David Copperfield’s blog. I do not care whether you are Black, White, pink or yellow, thes message is the same. “I have to say to the BNP, what you stand for is as ulgy as some Islamic fundamentalists. Nick Griffin is as bad as some of the extremist Islamic preachers I have heard. You, the BNP, are the ugly and distasteful side of racism. And you do not believe in live and let live. You have exploited the situation in the 1970’s, you have exploited the situation today in Oldham, Burnley, etc. It was your sort of followers that took the life of Stephen Lawrence and Walker and it is you that cause revenge attacks in return. Whilst I believe in freedom of speech I have no time for you, because you really care in what you deem as your own. The sooner you folks go, wherever, Nick Griffin and his young cronies, the better. Your politics are based on bigtory and hatred. You look for the young who take the fall, yet your academics walk away, just as do fundamentalists. Do you see now how much in common you have with terrorism? The police service will stand up to you of that I have no doubt, but is there any group you folks try not to infiltrate? DC please, barring freedom of speech, we do not need people like this here, unless they are going to give up their hatred. You have to make a stand. Show them that the police service as a whole is anti racist. ” If you agree wit me in saying No to the BNP please add your voice, and pass this on to colleagues and freinds please. Let’s tell the UK we are anti racist. LET’S get this article up in numbers please.



  1. if you say no to the BNP, will you say no to theRepsect party? coz i see their politics every bit as revolting as the BNPs

    top blog otherwise

  2. Respect? I need to spell! I meant The Respect Party

  3. Cookie Monster,

    Sorry I amn a bit confused. I have been going through the Respect website and looking at what they stand for (http://www.respectcoalition.org/pdf/f459.pdf). I do not see ant similarity with the BNP. Can you please outline what is ofensive and derogatory towards ANY ethnic group?


    Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera

  4. Now, if ever there were a couple of posts that missed the point, there’s some.Respect peeps, but respect the blogger, eh?I live in a working class area in south yorkshire. BNP have tried to be active, but failed, because a few guttsy constables have launched personal initiatives that have wiped ’em out – mainly on LOTS of minor charges. The BNP will fail, because few people hold racist attitudes in area’s like mine.They’re treated with contempt.

  5. I am pleased that in the anonymous contributors area racism is an attitude that few hold, unfortunately this is not necessarily the case elsewhere.

    Contempt is something that we cannot really afford to have for organisations such as the BNP, NF or for that matter any other right wing organisation. Surely recent history has taught us that such organisations actually flourish in areas where we least expect. I specifically am thinking back to the French experience only a few years ago, when voter apathy almost allowed the French Right to seize legitimate power. Remember back to Germany in the 1930’s the Nazis Party legitimately won their way to power and then destroyed the very democratic means that allowed this.

    I personally fear the Right Wing organisations even here in the UK, especially at a time when perhaps through fear of ‘Terrorism’ the majority of the populous is allowing the Government of the day to erode Human Rights specifically those which will impact most on people’s of colour and it is the Police Service which is then empowered to enforce such draconian legislation. This also happened in Nazis Germany and for that matter anywhere in the world where the Right or other extremists have seized power.

    I only wish that the British Police was full of the morally courageous people that the anonymous contributor has eluded to, but I fear that the majority will just ‘Follow Orders’.

    I certainly am not aware of a critical mass of such courageous individuals at the ACPO level, who are will willing to actually ‘Walk the talk’.

  6. im sorry, but how on earth can you compare 21st century britain to Nazi Germany?

    have we gassed millions upon millions? no

    have we infirnged anyones civil liberties? not that i can see

    have we invaded and subjugated an entire continent? no we havent

    have we got a mad sort as our leader? ok ill give you that one!

    to compare us to Nazi Germany is offensive in the extreme. i come form a racially mixed background and if i was to do a straw poll of my friends id find the come form pretty much all walks of life.

    this country has a proud tradition of welcoming all people, irrespective of their color, race or ethnicity and the only people putting that at risk are the left with their ‘political correctness’.

    free speech is a marvellous thing but some poeple only seem to a fan of it when it suits them. i hav never and will never vote BNP, i find them pathetic if anything but i return to my earlier point. the Respect party hold some odious anti-western (thats us lot) views and they consort with some apppaling people. i view them as 2 sides of the same bigoted coin.

    in fact you could make a case for the Respect party being racist themselves. look at their bullyboy tactics in ousting one the few BLACK women MPS, a lovely woman named Oona King who served her community well until Galloway and his anti-western cronies started spoutng the pro-al qaeda, pro sharia law views.

    as a parting note, i dont recall this much concern over the plight of the irish back in the 70’s and 80’s but then again an irish republican isnt such a good poster boy is he?

    p.s. im sorry if i come across as rude, its just this political climate these days is raising my hackles, no offence meant. and the BNP will never, ever get into any sort of power, most people see them as irrelevant at best.

  7. Dear Cookie Monster

    Firstly can I assure you that I for one have taken no offence what so ever and I do not consider that your response is rude at all? Interestingly it is your comment ‘its just this political climate these days is raising my hackles’ that interests me, for it is this very political climate that is portraying specifically the people of Muslim faith as deviants and anti-British (whatever being British may be?).

    You ask how I can compare Britain to Nazis Germany, well I am comparing the intolerant Political climate that exist today to that which existed in part in Pre-Nazis Germany and allowed such people to take control.

    I am a member of the Police Service and have been for almost a quarter of a century. In this time I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most inspirational individuals that one could care to meet. I have also unfortunately been only too aware that these very same people placed in the ‘wrong’ situation and led by unquestioning ‘leaders’ can find themselves having to ‘just follow order’ which are clearly breaches individuals and communities civil and human rights. Naturally the people who are affected are generally not of the ‘Majority’ and so do not register in everyone’s environmental scans.

    Regarding your comments about what Britain is not guilty of:

    Gassing Millions: Well that great Briton? Winston Churchill actually ordered the gassing of the Iraqi Kurds even before the Nazis had even though of the final solution and certainly before Saddam Hussein was even born.

    Have we infringed anyone’s civil liberties?: Well locking up alleged Terrorist ‘Suspects’ in Belmarsh Prison indefinitely (without any evidence to link them to acts of terrorism) was certainly and infringement of peoples civil rights as was the killing of Jean Charles De Mendes who apparently looked like a Islamist terrorist, well he was a person of colour even though actually he was Brazilian and I would suspect Catholic by faith. Going back just a few years I for one was involved in things such as the miner’s dispute in the early 1980’s. Unfortunately I certainly was party to infringements in people civil liberties with my ‘Southern’ perspective; also I seem to remember similar breaches in civil rights during the policing of the Cruise Missile convoys and Peace Convoys at about the same time. Strangely in all these cases the side that the Police Force (for that is what it was known as in those days and not a Service) was forced to ‘defend’ was found wanting in hindsight.

    As a result of these and many other incidents, I for one am only too aware how a Police Service no matter where it may be in the world can easily find itself part of an oppressive system where an atmosphere of ‘The ends justifies the means prevails’. You mention Irish Republicanism in your response unfortunately history shows some that the Britain and its security forces were equally ‘guilty’ injustices as were the paramilitaries.

    Have we invaded and subjugated an entire continent? no we haven’t: We have certainly invaded without just cause Afghanistan, Iraq and it looks as though Iran may be next. In doing so we (as a country) have inflicted untold carnage to the peoples of these countries and we have actually further destabilised these countries so much so that it looks as though Britain with its ‘best mate’ the United States of America has acquired another protracted ‘Policing Action’ such as Vietnam. Far too many of our critics throughout the world see these incursions not from a humanitarian perspective but critically view this and the USA’s action as being directly linked to economic imperialism and further evidence of the establishment of a ‘quasi-Christian and Eurocentric’ New World Order.

    Some of what I have said is historical fact and other aspects are merely the observations of someone who does not feel any need to pledge my specific loyalty to Britain but overall still actually likes the place and its many diverse peoples even if I may not like aspects of its history and certainly not its current politics.

    I would like to end by saying that healthy criticism is not and should not be seen as supportive of the opposition (whomever they may be) but in order to maintain the moral high ground surely it is best not too engage in state sponsored injustice in order to eradicate such behaviour. As the Mahatma Ghandi once said and it is true for a country as much as it is of the individual “be the change you wish to see”.

  8. No now Cookie and Serendib, I take it we are all friends! Cookie monster, the BNP are irrelevant, oio oi but they cause racial attacks, that’s a fact, they infiltrate the mind of young people and cause assaults.

    Some of which end up as either serious assaults or murder.

    So, please they are hardly irrelevant. Serendib, erm, did you just write an essay? Please add to the other blinking blogs too!!!!

  9. The BNP are cowardly and masquerade as politicians but are simply racist thugs who would happily commit genocide given the chance.
    They just know they wont get away with it.

  10. and the Respect party dont poision the minds of young radicalises muslims?

    im not defending the BNP but this witchhunt against them is eyond the pale somewhat. im not having a pop at anyone on here but it seemms some people only want free speech when it suits them.

    and when you start talking about banning a political party then you seem like the fascists that the BNP are accused of being.

    as i said in my origianl response, i come form racially mixed family, and neither me nor anyone in my family im aware of is in the slightest bit concerned with the BNP. if we were talking about the NF in their pomp then we might have a bit of a point but the BNP are a perfectly legitimate political party. i dont like what they say but in the glorious west we have free speech and they have the right to say it whether we agree or not. thats the beauty of free speech.

    but again, top blog and its got me going on a political/social post of my own. makes a change form talking about football and boobies!

  11. Woe, I’m not saying ban them, ban them, I’m saying we don’t want anything to do with them. That’s my message. I would say equally the same for any fundamental group that preached hatred. If the police say, no, that’s a bloody bold statement and a good one. We have to draw the line. We allow the preaching of hatred Griffin style or we allow the preaching of hatred fundamentalist style. There is no difference.

  12. ah but you see, thats my point. nick griffin got pulle dup in court for chuntering on with some offensive rhetoric but got off.

    but how often do we hear about an Imam ranting on about beheading westeners or suchlike and most of the time (abu hamza and abu izzadeen apart) nowt hapens?

    you see, every time that happens it polarizes more and more people and plays right into the hands of the racists white MINORITY and minority of radicalised islam

  13. Dear Black in Blue, you are a fine one to talk about writing essays. Just remember I know you very well my friend.

    Rather than dismissing the far right, I like to have a healthy respect for what they could do if they happened to slip through the net.

    I know for one, that both our days would be numbered if this happened.

    Good blog though.

  14. I suspect that the ‘rise’ of the BNP has less to do with racism than it has to do with the peoples discontent with political correctness, the misapplication of the Human Rights Act, illegal immigration, the non deportation of foreign criminals, terrorism, anti social behaviour and European interference in the UKs domestic affairs etc etc.
    I doubt if it is the rich and powerful who are supporting the BNP, more likely the traditional working class, who are most affected by some of these problems.
    The very fact that such a party exists says more about the failures of new labour than anything else. In the mid 1970s the National Front was on the rise – and that was during the last labour government.

  15. well blue knight has said it very succintly!

  16. Sorry, but I am not so good at succinct on these occasions!

    The far right have always in history been looked upon with great scorn and Pastor Martin Niemoeller a World War 1 U-Boat Captain and Hero once wrote of the Nazi regime and summed up what can be the outcome of this lack of foresight in a small but hard hitting poem.

    “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

    Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    I choose to both remember the words of Paster Niemoeller whilst reflecting on the equally powerful thoughts of Edmund Burke when he stated ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.

    The British Police Service unfortunately has far to many people who heed neither of these wise statements, but sit back (in the knowledge that all is not well) and wait for others (usually the local communities then lastly the government of the day) to demand that they take action.

    As someone who was closely involved in the Community Cohesion agenda for the Police, I am only too aware that in recent history there has been NO civil unrest that could not have been foreseen had the police acted on the intelligence that they were receiving. This intelligence was and is not limited to Police sources alone but comes from all statutory agencies and from the communities themselves if environmental scanning and community intelligence is taken seriously.

    As a Service we would benefit from not underestimating any extremist groups, whether Right or Left but seek to counter (through perhaps action, but also through advice, warnings and ‘Myth busting’) the causes of dissatisfaction that will lead to unrest.

    With regard to Political Correctness, I have seen little reality of this within the Service, but heard the term used countless times as an excuse to support inaction and maintain the Status Quo. Surely if the Service was as ‘PC’ as some may think then they would be facing fewer problems with the more diverse communities than they do, for they would be constantly seeking to do what is right rather than just being expedient with their words, resources and actions.

    The reality is that there is not rampant illegal immigration (but there is an incredibly large surplus of jobs that need to be filled). The Human Rights Act has not caused any significant problems with regard to its adoption. In fact many people’s human and civil rights are still abused, and as for ‘European interference in the UKs domestic affairs’ I am not aware of this either. I am certainly not aware that it happens within Police circles.

    Lastly regarding the class and the extreme right, the BNP is led by Nick Griffin, a Cambridge graduate. Going back into the last century, Moseley’s Fascist movement was led and supported by prominent members of the British aristocracy as was the Italian and German regimes of the same period. Perhaps it is easy to bash the working classes for they do not necessarily have the ability to ‘Gild the Lilly’ in the same manner as the Middle and ruling classes.

    The most frightening bigots that I have met are very well educated (often academics) and speak in the most liberal of terms.

  17. OK you all, gone are the days of the skin head racist image, though these do exist; but some are pretty intelligent too. The thugs carries out the assault. The academic, GRIFfIN, confuses the thugs mind into racism. Cookie – Serendib – make up! By order of TWINING.

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