Gun Crime – THE FACTS

February 23, 2007

I have been dared because I am Black in Blue, in a good way, to consider why we have Black on Black gun crime. And allegedly and apparently if I get this right I might be revered as an Englishman.

As loathed, as I am to say this, I do believe the following to be true. We will always have a lower order in society, that is the way of life. I am certainly not calling Black people the lowest order.

That is not what I mean. We will always have crime and people will compete for criminal territory, and drugs I am afraid, certainly, drug supply, and street crime are pretty ethnic related at the moment. As I understand the people that are committing Black on Black gun crime are a part of rival gangs. What do gangs do?

They commit crime and in the world of animals and man, the fittest and strongest survive. However, the problem is innocent victims get caught up in this as criminals lay out their turf, identifying their fierce streaks so people fear them.

In terms of ethnicity, the Eastern European community is now coming in to deal with turf and prostitution, but how do we stop marginalised youth with nothing becoming embroiled in gun crime? As long as there is a marginalised community for every one you take away, another will take their place. Can we stop drug crime? No.

So all we can do is try and proactively control gun and drug crime. We can also try and control the sale of imitation firearms that are easily convertible, but the Black market will always exist. Our best bet must be gathering intelligence on gangs and taking out these individuals. This will be an arduous task.

We need to also control the sale of knives because if gun crimes fall, violent knife crimes will probably increase. Anonymous I don’t hate you…damn you…. Music and rap artists have a role too, to make gun and knife crime uncool, the best we can achieve is to reduce gun and knife crime I am afraid for as long as there is crime there will be these types of crime also. Anonymous are you happy now? Am I an Englishman? And I forgot to talk about the Triads. What if the Triads meet the Drug barons. Gun crime suggests to me people are marking out their turfs and any boss that thinks single crewing is the answer in the Met, in West Mids, in Greater Manchester, in Notts is not a boss at all, but a puppet. Can I say that? From a policing perspective there can be no “no go” areas. we need to show our presence and we need to ensure rough estates are policed, not over handedly, but we should not close our eyes to crime or criminality.



  1. My Friend:

    You say “We will always have a lower order in society, that is the way of life.”

    Based on that statement of yours, you are a racialist!

    But then YOU say “That is not what I mean.”

    I say: If you provocatively and deliberately say what you not mean, you could be mad!

    As you also claim to be a polkice officer, it is in the public interest to find you out and have you medically boarded.

    Quit now.
    Do not persist in your delusions.
    You are dangerous.


  2. I perceive you to be racialist, inciting racial hatred, particuarly biased against the eastern european peoples.

  3. You do tell tall tales!

    No-one dared you, at all, you exaggerate more than any police officer should do.

    In fact, you lie!

    You are crafty, and therefore untrustworthy.

    If you really are a police officer, you should not be.

    Liars should not be police officers!


  4. How to make a report of racially aggravated crime?

    If I report the crime to you, and if you do not pass it on, do you compound an offence?

    I find your remarks about eastern europeans to be distasteful, inciting one to racial hatred.

    Report this crime, now.
    Report yourself.

  5. Wow, what hole did you bunch of deluded eejits crawl out from under? Glad to see your diversity training wasnt wasted on you.

    I think you should all get real. wipe the sleep off and take a look around -its an interesting place.None of that was racist but true.. how many non eastern european prostitute traffiking gangs have you ever heard of in this country? The evening standard newspaper had an article saying exactly the same last month, why dont you go harrass them.

    PC deluded bloody idiots like you lot are whats wrong with the place.
    If you want that sort of pc converstation with a cop go find one on duty. This is a refreshing forum that reassures many of us that our police live in the same world as the rest of us.

    and before you call people liars michael, perhaps you should read the comments section on the right of homepage titled ‘gun crime -an inspector…..’

    Now go check your diaries for your next equality training day… or make that call home to poland.

  6. Roger, Michael, racist people are dangerous, only you know whether you are racist and frankly I don’t have time for your racism.

  7. I hardly think our blog host is racist. It is so easy to label another racist, it seems to be a kneejerk thing to do. The vitriolic way some have leapt to condemnation when Black in Blue was only sharing a view that gangs are a problem and that clearly goes quite beyond race and is found in every society. I take his message to be NOT about race but about gang related issues. Come on, let’s not jump to hysteria

  8. Come off it everyone. Bandying around labels like ‘racism’ is a bit rich. Just let him have his comment and take it as it is clearly meant… the blog shows a concern about class related issues and violence within groups…. one could argue that those who say that this is ‘racist’ are jumping to racist conclusions themselves.

  9. I have considered removing the article because of the allegations made.

    However, it’s preposterous to suggest I am a racist. I will not dignify that with a reply.

    I do hope that my passionate views are taken in the spirit of trying to deal with the real
    challenge of gang related crime.

  10. Sentinel, I don’t know who you are but thank you for applying some common sense that I am not racist, nor have I written anything here that could be deemed by a rational person to be seen as racist.

  11. Calling someone racist is not in my opinion the greatest insult that can be thrown, but that appears to be the intention here of a few people whilst taking a pop at Black in Blue.

    I do though believe that Black in Blue, bless him has fallen into the trap that we within the Service make all the time when describing crime and offenders. Unless we elaborate what we mean it can easily be interpreted by our critics as supportive of the stance that they wish to take.

    It is true to say that peoples from Eastern European countries have in some places taken over the vice related criminal activities, but it should also be remembered that these very same people have found themselves at the bottom of the social heap and in some cases unable to enter the legitimate workplace as a result of bigotry and many other reasons.

    Please note though that Eastern European people (and I hate to use such an ALL encompassing term) are not more likely by nature to be criminal than any other ethic or cultural group as this would imply that the nature of ethnic people has a criminal bent. These are the unfounded arguments of right wing eugenicists that supported and developed the growth of Fascism and finally led to the Holocaust. Unfortunately there are still too many people within the criminal justice system that actually believe the ‘Nature’ rather than the ‘Nurture’ argument about the causes of criminality.

    We regularly hear sound bites from ACPO as well as politicians about the ‘Get Tough on Crime’, but we rarely see them engage in the long term strategies to ‘Get tough on the causes of crime’. The best example of this is the Service’s adoption of the ‘Zero Tolerance’ that was imported from New York.

    The Police perceived that ‘adopting a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach meant greater legislation and the clamping down on minor crime that they believed then led to the committing of more serious crime. Well in the short term this was perceived to have worked in New York, what was not said by its supporters was that at the same time that New York was reducing its crime, so were most other major cities within the USA that were not following this approach. The same is here at the moment, crime is going down, but this has little to do with Policing but more to do with socio-economic reasons.

    ‘Zero Tolerance’ is a termed used by By James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling when they wrote the now famous paper called ‘Broken Windows’ which look at crime and the causes of crime and then gave some direction as how to reduce crime. Neither James Q. Wilson nor George L. Kelling came from a ‘Nature’ perspective but actually from a ‘Nurtured’ stance. The ‘Get tough on crime’ that they envisage was eradicating the underlying causes of crime, which were poverty, poor housing, poor prospects as well as a lack of education and other social factors.

    To get back to the debate though, modern migrants to the UK which include peoples from Eastern European countries, African, African Caribbean’s and Asians specifically have found themselves ghettoised and marginalised within the lowest socioeconomic groups with poor social amenities. Many poor white people as well have suffered to this ‘ghettoisation’ on vast housing estates hopefully out of site of those more affluent.

    I have more to follow later, but for now I must go……..

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