Transfer crimes – ewwww! NCRS

February 23, 2007

Picture this. Force A is the Metroplitan police, a big place, big, big, big. The suspect lives in Force A and phones his brother who lives in Force B, (Shireshire). Without telling everything there are other issues which give cause for concern that actually the suspect might just turn up in Shireshire, although he did not. The suspect then makes a pretty nasty threat to kill his brother over the phone, ewwwwwwww! At the time of making the call we have no idea where the suspect is. He could be in London or in Essex, or round the corner in Shireshire. NCRS state that if we know the location of the suspect at the time of the crime then we record the crime at that location. Can you see the Met wanting this one? Oh really I said. Since we did not know where the suspect was at the time of the threats to kill, we should record in Shireshire. The registrar, BOO HOO, overruled, and said we have to transfer this. Will the Met have this do you think? Am I wrong? BOO HOOO HOOO!

One comment

  1. Use paragraphs.

    Else no-one will have the patience to try and read you.

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