Vicious Attack

February 27, 2007

Copyright with Inspector Gadget

One year on, PC Daniel Coffill is still in a vegetative state and needs round-the-clock care.Now the despicable yobs responsible for this tragedy have both had their original sentences reduced. But while Jack Turner and Lance Samuels can expect to return to society in less than five years, the reality is very different for PC Coffill and members of his family. Describing her son’s existence as an “empty shell”, Margaret Gardhouse says there is very little chance her son will ever recover. She feeds him through a straw. Turner and Samuels will soon be walking the streets again, while a promising police career is over and a family left devastated. ‘If it had been the judges father, brother, husband or boyfriend who crossed paths with these animals, would we have had today’s decision?’. Turner and Samuels spat at PC Coffill’s car, punched him and then kicked him as he lay unconscious before fleeing. Mind you, if he had managed to fight back the IPCC would have probably ‘had’ him anyway..You could not make this up. ALL PLEASE PUBLICISE THIS LUNACY AND SUPPORT PC COFFILL. WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING? WHAT IS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM DOING? WHAT ARE OUR MANAGERS DOING?


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