Who is Rajinder Singh?

February 28, 2007

This is Rajindeer Singh. He gave a character reference for Nick Griffin at Griffin’t recent trial.

Singh supports the BNP. He now lives in India. He is the only open Sikh person to support the BNP. (Twining says this is a blessing that there is only one.)

Singh considers the burqa and hijab a political ‘gimmick’ used by Muslims but defended the turban as an ‘essential’ religious requirement. (Twining is not saying that in this current climate where some criminals who are male have evaded custody by wearing the hijab is not problematic. But come on Mr Singh each to their own, including the Turban, which I rather like.)

Singh states immigrants are a drain on British resources. (Twining asked Mr Singh whether he was born in England and whether he was ever an immigrant? Singh’s response, “Er well.”)

He is a retired school teacher. Oh my God thinks Twining!

He doesn’t care about the whole BNP package. (Twining says so it doesn’t really matter that Nick Griffin encited racial hatred. Bar a turban Mr Singh do you think a BNP thug could tell the difference between a group of Sikh young men and a group of Muslim young men? Singh’s answer, “Er well.”)

He dismissed the party’s anti-Asian ideology as a perception created by the media. (Twining says, so Mr Singh, none of those responsible for assaults on Asian youth are supporters of the BNP? At this point Singh left in a huff.)

Singh admits multiculturalism does work and is proved in the resounding success of Asian businessmen in Britain. But he saw nothing wrong with the BNP’s opposition to it. (Twining says er nice one Mr Singh! Not.)

He likens Islam to Nazis in Germany. (Twining shouts to Singh who is leaving the country, Mr Singh, none of the BNP have fascist tendencies do they? Singh sticks two fingers up at Twining.) In short perhaps Singh is ignorant to the core, but the BNP have used him to their benefit.


  1. You can see the 2005 general election broadcast that Mr Singh opened for us here;

    You can see a full interview with him on BNPtv here;


  2. I’m not at all sure that multiculturism does work. I’m pretty certain that economic success isn’t evidence that it does.

  3. BNP member you miss the point, he is being used, and he allows himself to be used. Surely hundreds of thousands of other Asian people cannot be wrong. As you say Africans sold slaves, it didn’t make them right.

    Bussie, multiculturalism is based on poloarims of faiths, in the hope that faiths allow each other to live and let live. That hasn’t
    happened, some faiths want to live alone, the BNP, some in Islam, the Nation of Islam, are just examples of segregation and secularism.

  4. Black in blue, Mr Singh is benefiting us of course but I don’t think that is justification for calling him used. He seems a smart chap. I think he has come to his own conclusions and seen them through. To say he is being used one implies that he is being lied to or conned. He isnt the only one by the way, ive read reports of a few ethnics in the press who have ‘come out’ as supporters. We also have Jewish councillors and members, etc.

    And I learn something new everyday, ive never heard the word poloarims before, and i checked it out via google and it didnt get a single hit. What does it mean? I suppose its either a miss-spelling or you are near a wellspring of diversity terms.

    I would say multiculturalism is not as you describe Black in blue, in its most well meaning form I would say multiculturalism is the bringing together of disparate cultures in the hope of amalgamating them. A cynical way of saying that is that it has been accepted in principle bu the establishment after the second world war that it is better to have low level civil war than high level inter-national war.

    On the arguments presented to me the BNP wins hands down. In this it has the distinct advantage that no other party of any size has a comprehensive policy document. They make do before the election with flimsy glossy and oh so short brochures full of “we aim” we wish and “we hope”. Im capable of going some way to squaring the current crises with reason, but im not going to do that when it comes to voting because putting words you want to hear in a politicians mouth is a mugs game.

    Those who wish us to vote for them should lay out their stall, but that’s one thing we sacrifice as we allow so many competing and contrary races and beliefs on to one small island. The constituents are so varied that in contemporary politics it has paid for them to keep their mouths shut and do what they wished behind closed doors.

    I believe that multiculturalism leads us towards tyranny and civil unrest, and civil war in places such as Serbia. I can also go quite some way to seeing why some well meaning people would find that preferable to liberty and nation states after europes two great wars.

    But that doesn’t mean im going to bend over and take it while being told its for my own good.

    Now here’s part of a speech that blew my mind just before i wrote this comment to you. Im going to star out sthe name of the place and put “(us)” in place of the nationality so i dont give the game away. See if you can guess who said it at a major speech in very recent history;

    ******* has never had only (us) living in it. Today, more than in the past, members of other peoples and nationalities also live in it. This is not a disadvantage for (us). I am truly convinced that it is its advantage. National composition of almost all countries in the world today, particularly developed ones, has also been changing in this direction. Citizens of different nationalities, religions, and races have been living together more and more frequently and more and more successfully.

    To find out who said it, (you’ll never guess) read the comments here;


  5. busybizzie, theres no such thing as multiculturism, this is Britain and British culture and values come first. the term to use (IMHO) is multiRACIAL.

    sorry to seem pedantic!

  6. BNP member:

    (1) Oh I am not a wellspring of diversity, a mis-spelling I am afraid, pluralism.

    (2) There is only one race, the human race, with people of different ethnic backgrounds.

    (3) Disparate cultures er no, beautiful cultures.

  7. If history has taught us one thing, it is that throughout time there have always been victims or potential victims of bigotry that have colluded with the oppressors. Mr Singh bless him is no different.

    Perhaps he feels by donning the clothing of the white right wing he will be saved from their scorn. Oh so naïve, but there we have it. One cannot blame or find fault with the BMNP for exploiting such an individual, they would be daft not too, but just because one elderly Sikh gentleman appears supportive it does not mean that this is common throughout the remaining non-white or for that matter the white populace.

    Within the UK it could be argued that we have never succeeded at multiculturalism as Roy Jenkins MP envisaged in 1968 where differing communities positively influence each other and thereby develop a rather tasty ‘Fruit Salad’ effect. Although Chicken Tikka Masala is now meant to be a traditional ‘English’ dish, it does not mean that differing cultural groups have found equality and respect within the so called homogeneous white European majority.

    White working on the Community Cohesion agenda we discovered that within many economically deprived areas the situation was far from being a ‘Fruit Salad’, rather white people were living parallel lives with their non white peers within society. Although poverty and deprivation was common to both each side dealt with these issues in totally different ways and this in part actually caused greater division.

    In Burnely following the 2001 disorders it was discovered that specifically within the Asian community areas there were many NGO and other self development organisations that had been developed from within whereas within the same economically deprive white areas there were no community advocates and ther was greater dependency on the state.

    The lack of positive internal community advocates perhaps led to these white areas becoming the breeding ground for the extreme right wing and it should be said that the BNP for one certainly were active trying to fulfil this role. Naturally I am not advocating that the BNP was behaving in a positive manner for the betterment of society, but they were filling a position that should have been picked up by the statutory agencies.

    Through historical experience the Asian areas had never come to rely on the statutory agencies who as in many other areas failed them miserably so they have since their arrival here developed their own internal systems of development.

    From an external and simplistic view point it would and was seen that the Asians were better off. What nobody chose to see though was that the benefits were mostly internally developed and actually they were as bad off as the adjoining white areas. In all the areas that I personally looked at it was clear that such poor communities were living parallel lives and rarely had reason to mix with persons from other communities.

    Some may say but surely the young went to culturally mixed schools. This was true in the main, but it was also found that within the school gates there were cultural and ethic divisions at play, but that the local education authority were not necessarily highlighting this as a possible problem. Again I am not advocating that Schools should be mixed to reflect the local communities, for historically single sex schools and single faith schools have always achieved higher grades and we have had these types of schools ever since education was introduced.

    Many parents specifically choose single faith schools over and above other schools even if they do not specifically follow a/or even the faith of the school.

    How do we move forward one may rightly ask? Should we be teaching all about differing cultures and religions? Well we have done that one and certainly from a Police perspective we failed miserably. Ultimately tolerance does not come from necessarily understanding another’s faith or culture. Adolf Eichmann the Nazis logistics genius of the Jewish Holocaust was an ‘Expert’ in Judaism and even spoke Hebrew. This higher understanding did not make him less bigoted rather it helped him in his murderous ways, whereas I remember on one occasions outlining the need for the Black Police Association at a Police Consultancy meeting of the Police Authority in the depths of one of the ‘Shire’ when an elderly man stood up and demanded that there should be no such organisation within the Service. He used some particularly ‘Old Fashioned’ language which is considered as very Non-PC when describing people of colour, but the point that he was getting at was that he was appalled that the Service even needed these associations and that the Service should get rid of the bigots and as such there would be no need for a BPA. Although this gentleman was no academic and his language was ‘fruity’ to say the least he was clearly a Anti-Racist through and through and due to his own personal experience of the World War Two, shared with us all where bigotry ultimately leads.

    I will end here otherwise I will be told off again for writing a thesis by our beloved host.

  8. British National Party member, some of what you say is not very ‘Right Wing’ and I would agree 100% in aspects of what you have said (but certainly not all).

    It appears to me that you should perhaps change camps. Diversity is far more ‘tasty’ and certainly more colourful than a mono-culture which Britain has never had really. Without meaning to offe, but surely Britain should be proud of being the ‘Mongrel Nation’ that Eddie Izzard described in his series of programmes a few years ago?

    Go on British National Party member, come on over you would like it, honest!

  9. My female colleagues at work think you are attractive, so do some male freinds! Oh do I get so jealous of the females. OK I like your essays, and I would not tell you off, but FOCUS! Anyway, I am better looking!

  10. There you go BNP member, just the word I was looking for, Mr Singh, COLLUDED with a racist ideology.

    Look at my other post as there are plenty of Black colleagues who would do the same to move up that slippery pole.

    Nice one Serendib. There is a point to your essays. COLLUSION is bloody and real.

    In my next post I will point out how one can find these Black people inside and outside of the service based on my experiences.

  11. Black in Blue, you mean that such people exist within the Police Service as well? I wanted to believe that they were only part of a ‘Fanon’ conspiracy theory.

    Whatever next…….?

  12. Black in Blue said…
    My female colleagues at work think you are attractive, so do some male friends! Oh do I get so jealous of the females. OK I like your essays, and I would not tell you off, but FOCUS! Anyway, I am better looking!

    Although I may have ‘Bollywood’ good looks, I also have a brain and ideas too, so please respect me for these attributes for the former ones will diminish with time.

    Enough crass, lets get back to the issues!

  13. Mr Singh has expressed opinions, upon which you seem to have elaborated.

    He is entitled to his opinions.

    In your blog, you have apparently asked questions of Mr Singh, and quote him as responding “Er, well”.

    Did you actually speak to him?
    Did really he say that to you?

    Or not?

    Did you actually ask him the questions that you state you asked?

    Or not?


    P.S. We are not a lower order.

  14. Dear Roger, a bog can be anything you want it to be. I am making is absolutely clear that while Rajinder Singh lives in India he is being used, and based on his beliefs he allows himself to be used by those that do not support multiculturalism, cohesion, and in deed provoke hatred. Rajinder has expressed opinions, but it is great that the BNP can show 1 token and say, “Hey, here’s one, he doesn’t like Muslims either? This then could be used by the BNP to rubber stamp their claims. Are all Muslims the same then? Because that is what Rajinder Sing and Nick Griffin profess. The majority of Muslims I know are not fundamentalists, and most object to acts of terrorism. No, I have not spoken to Rajinder, nor do I purport to have spoken to him. It is an absurd situation that the BNP have used Rajinder Singh in this way, and I am mocking this use. I am laughing at this Colonial mentality. I am not calling you a lower order. You need to understand that I am referring to ethnic concentrations in cities like Oldham, Burnley, parts of the West Midlands, London, etc. The Chair of the CRE has warned of ghettoisation, and this concept is real in Scotland and these other places. There is ano order.

  15. Here’s a link i was looking for when i made a post on this thread, but couldn’t find it. I just came across it now.


  16. Im a sikh supporter pf the BNP ive mad numerous videos on youtube search up robibnp and you’ll see my videos im also in the BNP suporters group

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