Twining has decided….

March 2, 2007

That Twining Gongs are for poor poor work and Twining Oscars are for good work in the field of race and diversity, and I will alternately give them as I please…..After all I am Twining. Now, someone go tell Franky Fact that he is the first one to win a Twining Oscar for this wonderful statement referring to Sir Ian’s ántics, an Sir Ian has many antics. It’s almost as if Franky is out there crossed arms watching the Commissioner when a journalist asks Franky, “What on earth is Sir Ian doing?” Coolly Franky replies, Is he holding a sword as well as wearing a hat? ” Sir Ian hears something and nods to the Staff Officer who then glares at Franky. Little does the Staff Officer know that the police “A” Team are nearby! And if the Staff Officer mutters so much as a word to Franky he will be taken to the floor and tickled by Bloggs. Staff Officer really, you did not think you’d be tickled by Bloggs, did you?. This is Twining’s world, so Franky would be tickled innit!


  1. Thankyou thankyou.
    It gives me great pleasure to accept this award.
    First of all I’d like to thank PC Copperfield, because it was after reading his blog that I was inspired to do my own.
    I’d like to thank fellow bloggers for speaking out on blogs such as these and venting out those frustrations that would otherwise build up till a fuse was blown.
    A massive dis goes out to all the knobheads that cause us to become dejected.
    Lastly, but my no means least, I’d like to thank Twining for giving me this award.
    Its an honour and I’ll treasure it forever.
    Or maybe tomorrow anyway.

  2. Franky your a nutcase man! And I knew it. Does your wife know you have been given an award? Share it with her. But I like you man…This has made me so smile….You will remeber this Oscar of, what day is it, er, March 2nd 2006. Well done my freind.

  3. Why of why do these people choose to dress and mimic us when they are still actively trying to put us down?

    Sir Ian, like many other members of the Police Service just love to attend our religious and cultural events, perhaps they feel that they have by doing so ‘Walked in the shoes….’ so to speak.

    Sadly dressing up and eating our food and talking laudable sentiments does not make one a non-racist, actions are what one is ultimately judged by.

    Come on ACPO and the Police Service in general start to engage in actual meaningful dialogue and action and then you may not be looked upon with so much scorn.

    Let’s break out of the Sari’s Steal bands and Samosa mentality with regard to ALL diversity issues. Be happy being yourself you do not need to mimic us like chimps at the ‘tea party’ to be considered as friendly and welcoming!

    Please note that I do not necessarily believe that the Police are the worst at dealing with these issues, they are not, but if we are to give the public an un-judgemental professional service then we should be the best and we are not.

  4. Serendib Oi – This is an Oscar and we are celebrating Franky’s receipt of that Oscar. OK we agree, Sir Ian may look out of place, he feels uncomfortable, and wearing a sarong is not what anti racism is about.

    But this BLOG is about a Twining Oscar for Franky because of his superb usage of words. Today is another day. Franky will treasure this award for many many days cos I gave it.

    Franky makes me laugh when he says, dis! I have made many friends here, colleagues, so we all got to note innit that a GONG is bad bad bad and an Oscar is goog good good.

  5. Have you seen Sir Ian in a Sarong? OOOOOOOOOOOOh, no, thank God his Staff officer’s haven’t thought of that one yet but talking about dress, the sarong suits david Beckham, my GOD of football, because he’s innit!

  6. Today (19 March) is dear Sir Ian’s birthday. He is 54 years old.

    Does that mean that he will be retiring soon?


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