Position clarified

March 7, 2007

Cookie Monster, I am sorry you feel the way that you do. These are my views. I hope this clarifies matters.

(1) Hamza preaches hatred and affects young minds. Arguably he and others like him had some impact on causing 9/11, 7/7, etc. We recognise this as terrorism. I condemn terrorism.

(2) Griffin does the same out of the public domain. Indeed we have seen footage of this. Griffin also affects young minds. Griffin’s racism and his party preaches hatred in the form of individual assaults, which have the potential to lead to deaths. Doesn’t Griffin and his views terrorise vulnerable victims also? I also condemn racism.

(3) Both deny the Holocaust and have issues with the Jewish faith.

(4) The third person might just well be a freedom fighter who does not preach hatred, but wishes for seperatism. Are we not all Human?

(5) If people want seperatism then how the hell can multiculturalism work? The common identity in this country is British. How do any of these individuals pursue what it is to be British? if this is the case then racial assaults and murders will occur. People of different ethnicities must decide which it is that they desire.

(6) I respect freedom of speech but not hatred. And BNP member I am respectfully asking no contact please or comment on my blogs. Why? Some of the links you have on your site, I understand, are very anti Black, so whilst I thought I could engage you, I can’t anymore.



  1. ok, i have some points to answer here then.

    in answer to number (1). Hamza has been convicted of being directly ivolved in terrorism in (i think) Saudi or somewhere like that. there is countless film of him encouraging young muslims to commit mass murder. he has proven direct links to al-qaeda.

    and onto number (2). griffin is a prat. he is NOT a terrorist. he might come out with some obnxoious views but i dont recall him encouraging whites to rise up and murder blacks or muslims. he DOES come across as a racist pillock but he does not tell BNP members to kill muslims. if some of his followers thn carry out attacks of their own back then thats down to their racism and not Griffin preaching murder. he hasnt encouraged anyone to bomb any tubetrains as as i know.

    in answer to (3)whilst i agree both are anti-semitic, i would argue that hamza’s tkae on it is far more dangerous than Griffin. Griffin dislike anyone who isnt white and christian, Hamza wishes the utter destruction of the jewish race and Israel. Griffin as far as i am aware doesnt.

    (4), well Farrakhan cant exactly be a freedom fighter if he lives in the West eh? i do presume thats who youre referring to. he has doen some good in america but on the large his Nation of Islam are seen by most americans (and i include blacks in this) as brainwashing cut, with thugs as followers. a bit like Griffin but with religion added in.

    (5) sigh. how many times must i say this? multiculturism will never, ever work! its British culture thats paramount seeing as we are in britian. if its say Nigerian culture you want then naff off to Lagos, simple as that. theres no problem with foreigners coming ehre but when their cultures start eroding ours then its wrong. multiculturism? no multiracil? yes!

    and as for (6) well freedom of speech is one thing but when you start moaning abou someone expressing views that dont concur with yours then it becomes difficult. i have no issues with free speech but when it starts getting abused by people like Hamza/abu izzadeen/galloway and yes, to an extent Griffin then its not so good

    i hope this clears it up

  2. Cookie Monster, calm down please. How can I associate with fundamental hatred views? I am not moaning about BNP member. I understand there are links on his site to extremist against Black people. I don’t want to be a part of that.

    I disagree with point (2) There is no difference between Griffin preaching hatred and Hamza doing so. Hamza is evil in my opinion, but then so is racism. Ok clealry I am not going to win this debate. I don’t like the idea of one state, a Nation of Islam because it conjures up images of only one type, whereas we are so many.

    In Britain today I agree with you, Citizenship is important. One can be British and Asian. One can be British and White also. Give me some slack!

  3. i am cutting you soem slack! its jsut that when issues of race and ethnicity are discussed it invokes strong emotions! i dont agree with everyhting you say just as i dont expect you to go along with my views.

    ive also not said you associate with their views but if thats how ive come across then sorry but i didnt mean that.

    i dont support or endorse the BNP/nick griffin in any way but he isnt the same as Hamza.

    seeing as i come from a racially mixed family i have no concerns over the BNP. my concerns for my mixed race cousins are stem from someone listening to an Imam like Hamza and blowing them up. i have no fear of the BNP, at mostthey are an irrelvency. Britain has never supported a far right party to any sort of power so theres no danger here with them. for an example look to Oswald Moseley and whathappend at Cable Street.

    there endeth my rant!

  4. I understand there are links on his site to extremist against Black people. I don’t want to be a part of that.

    Serendib made that asserion. He then put up a blog that i dont and didnt link too.

    Go through them and find one, or ask serendib to give you a link. He also claimed that i have been – i cant quite remember, but threatening or insulting or something to jews, and i know thats absolutely incorrect as i praise them quite a bit, and ill give you links to prove it if you like. And thats links to posts on my own blog too.

    He was just fishing for an angle on me.

    About Griffin; It was him that forced open the membership to Jews, and caused some of our less salubrious members to bugger off to the national front. We now have Jewish councillors. He certainly hasn’t denied the holocaust. He called it the “holohoax”, and he then explained that by saying that it has been used to clobber Europeans, as a stick to beat us. like “look, if you stick up for yourselves jews will burn again” sort of thing. And that is what happens when UAF people ‘debate’ about us too. It was a bad thing to say though. Its the one thing he has said that makes me wince.

    I think Griffin is a good leader for the party though. I dont know if he can take us all the way but i do know he is a very valuable asset and has given the people of this country a real option when it comes to elections. Not just a fringe joke party, but an option that makes the establishment wince. And that’s great! It makes your vote count again.

  5. Cookie Monster, yes I feel that discussing race is emotive too. I do worry about the BNP, there are causal links between the Lawrence killing and groups such as the BNP.

    This is not the only racial murder of a Black man that has had links to racist ideology.

    The Northern race riots recently were attributed to an exploitation by the BNP. This is dangeorous as a cocktail for either vulnerable Black or White youth.

    When I took an oath, it was to anti racism also. I am sorry, but if Islamic people behave racist I will tell them also. The police service will not delve into this domain. I have done in the past and have been accused of being Anti Islamic.

  6. My Friends

    Please distinguish:
    Religious subsect
    Expressed Affiliations
    Perceived Affiliations

    All of the above we use as gnomes (or if you wish: algorithms, but my English is extremely accurate, thank you) to determine another’s cultural norms.

    We try to determine another’s cultural norms to see how a person will react in circumstances that we (in our lowly way: thank you, Black in Blue) can understand and respond appropriately to.

    There is nothing racist or anything-else-ist about this: we are all (yes every one of us, my brother Black in Blue) from different backgrounds and have different values.

    Black in Blue you are my brother, and yet you were fearful of my earlier postings.


    (People commit crime because they know that the net consequences are acceptable to them and theirs.)


    P.S. Keep going my friend, perhaps you will find the holy grail as to why there is black on black gun crime (see an earlier one of your posts), but we are not a lower order unless you think that we are.

  7. Roger you miss my point, you are not a lower order, but an order does exist, and the underclass is fighting for priviliges. That is not me saying you are an underclass. But who exactly is the underclass?

  8. It seems that you are saying that, anyone who is not of the elite is of the underclass.

    That class would now include: yobs of every colour; working class people of every colour; middle class people of every colour; and the rich of every colour; (unless they have, within their respective classes, contributed appropriately).

    In Bliar’s new society, colour is meaningless, culture is not important; cash is king.

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