Who let Tania Moore Down?

March 13, 2007

I watched with sadness Panorama yesterday. I did not even know beforehand what it was about. Then, having viewed it, I searched the name, Tania Moore, on the internet. Thankfully the Federation in Derbyshire have more integrity then the retiring Chief Constable of Derbyshire, Mr David Coleman, who incidentally is already a
winner of a Twining gong on a previous occasion. In ceremonious style this man refused to meet with Tania’s mother. The Federation stated the errors were due to overwork. It is people like Coleman and his contemporaries that demand this overwork. Is the the CC the person to blame? Incidentally recently the Police Authority praised Coleman for his work with the Force…. And a US police Chief had more sense and did meet with Tania’s mother. (Thank you Sir). A new gong has therefore got to go to Coleman again, but this time for the treatment of Tania’s mother. Twining does wish Coleman a good retirement. Please pass go, collect your pension, and maybe move to the HMIC……where further damage can be caused. Inspector G and others continue this fight….the fight that people like Coleman and ACPO cannot even dream of, a fight that involves people like PC Coffill and others…..David Coleman, in the words of Abba, you win again, Twining Gong number 2 is awarded to you. (This is a record, you are on a par with Sir Ian). Who let Tania Moore down?

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